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    Your Thoughts are Important

    I think that if the images inspire sadness, even if you are not related to the place directly or through ancestors, they are probably perfectly describing it.
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    Fun with MF images 2023

    Found in an abandoned mill, resting there probably since the WWII. Hasselbladl X1DII + XCD 30mm, taken from an hole in the roller door :)
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    New "large" medium format sensor on the horizon?

    I’m going to print this quote in A0 size
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    The chase...

    I can perfectly understand, I can’t basically drink epsresso anymore in bars after getting a good machine at home and switched to a local artisanal coffee company.
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    The one lens for the apocalypse…

    photographers in the 1800’s used mobile darkrooms on mules to take pictures in the american west. I have one which can be backpacked! And collodion can be used to make molotov cocktails too!
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    The one lens for the apocalypse…

    My Hermagis Petzval 330mm f4, and just the sun to shoot wet plate collodion during the apocalypse like it was 1850 :p
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    WTB Rollei exposure cable for CF digital backs

    I think it’s pretty rare, but I’m looking for this cable: To attempt to use my Rollei Integral 6008 with an Hasselblad/Imacon CF 39 back, thanks!
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    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    Nice! Is this in Chicago? 😃
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    FS: Linhof M679 / Techno Bright Screen Ground Glass 021850-S

    I made several deals with Thomas and I can recommend him … I also recommend this focusing screen as I have one as well and it’s a game changer , it blows away all the other medium format view cameras focusing screens I used in the past.
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    Hassy 60/3.5 or 50/4 for CFV II?

    I have the schneider 35xl and with the cfv 50c II shows color casts when shifted. I also have the rodenstock 35mm HR and at the same shift it doesn’t show any cast (I can’t remember how much shift sorry, but not too extreme, probably around 8mm?). Regarding sharpness I don’t see any difference...
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    WTB Phase one p25+ with Hasselblad V mount

    Hey, thanks but I’m looking for a V mount only to play with old hassy bodies and lenses :)
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    WTB Phase one p25+ with Hasselblad V mount

    I got bitten by the fat pixels bug and I’d like to give it a try on my old hassy, anyone got a spare p25+ to sell? I’ll consider also a plain p25 or a leaf aptus 22 if the price is right. cheers Filippo
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    The Definitive Sony B&W Images Thread

    Rome, almost deserted in August 2020 after the first lockdown A7RIV - 16-35gm
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    Rodenstock 20 Percent Price Increase from 1st March

    It seems like the MFD will become the next film market…
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    Advantages of using Hasselblad C/CF/CFI/CFE lenses with XV adapter on X1D/X2D/907x vs CF II 50v on a 5xx body with the Cxx lenses

    I have the 907x with the XV adapter, but I prefer to use my V/F lenses on my 500cm and 2000fcw both because I like more to compose and focus on a reflex camera. I also always had better results with them in handeld portraits, especially with long lenses, avoiding the rolling shutter effect. Not...
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    A bit of NYC

    Love the last one!
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    Positive feedback for Paul Spinnler

    I bought an Alpa STC from him I can only confirm the super positive feedback!
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    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    Two images stich (15mm left/right) with the iq260 achromatic and the apo digitar 35mm xl (I liked the vignetting and didn’t crop)
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    Share your Tree Photos

    another infrared with the iq260 achromatic and the apo sironar digital 90mm
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    Fun with MF images 2023

    leaf, phase one df+, 120mm macro mf, phase one iq260 achromatic