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    GFX and Milky Way Question

    And if you really want critical focus you will want a good bahtinov filter . There are many suppliers- perhaps like this one. The grating is what makes critical star focus possible.
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    GFX and Milky Way Question

    Greg- if you are not using a tracker, the rough formula for maximum time is 1/focal length. A bit less time if you are enlarging to a great extent. The biggest issue for lenses, regardless of the maker, is whether coma appears for stars on the corners of the image. I have not tried my 23mm on...
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    WTB Copal 0 shutters mint

    If you are looking to copal 0 to have rodenstock upgrade an aperture or new digaron lens, be advised that they will only use a copal 0 from a rodenstock lens. Apparently there is something different internally that they need (my recent purchase of a brand new 50mm had a nice user supplied by me...
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    how to professionally remove Cambo mount?

    Paint your threads with a little Neolube using a tiny paintbrush. I have used it for many decades on filter threads as well. Neolube is finely ground graphite in an alcohol carrier- once painted on it stays where its put and does not wear off. If you cannot find Neolube locally you can find it...
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    Arca-Swiss Rm3di-32mm/70mm Rodenstock Lenses-Monolith View Camera

    Drew- by any chance is the 70mm still available?