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  1. PerThorup

    Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread

    F-16 in Danish national colours Oly E-M1 II & Panaleica 100-400
  2. PerThorup

    Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread

    Spider in my garden Oly E-M1 II & Panaleica 12-60
  3. PerThorup

    Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread

    Autum in Denmark Oly E-M1 II & Panaleica 8-18
  4. PerThorup

    Problems with flash on EM1 mk2

    It works for me if you select 'Fill In' from the flash menu and use Aperature shooting mode - a lot like Canon in many ways. It is not working properly in Program mode. Regards Per
  5. PerThorup

    Playback of different card slots

    Try this website for more odd E-M1II settings: Regards/Per
  6. PerThorup

    Playback of different card slots

    press and hold the playback button and rotate the front dial under the shutter button. And voila, your LCD display gives you an option which card to view. Regards/Per
  7. PerThorup

    E-M1, E-M5, E-M5.2, etc. ... Peculiarities

    Works fine here with ony one card in camera. Both slots tested. Regards/Per
  8. PerThorup

    Firmware 3.0 for E-M1MkII

    Have installed this new firmware with AF improvements. Read here for full update list: Remember to save your custom settings before update - Just a hint :-) Regards Per
  9. PerThorup

    Some questions on Olympus EP-3 and lenses

    I have my camera configured like this: Fn1 - AEL/AFL (spot meetering) Fn2 - Focuspoint home position Rec - Rec Thumbwhell: P/A/S: Exposure +/- M - Shuttertime Backwheel: P - Ps A - S - Shuttertime M - Auto ISO set to 200-1600 OK button - Super Control Panel Thats it :-) Per
  10. PerThorup

    Some questions on Olympus EP-3 and lenses

    Hi I have the E-P3 as my car/casual/holliday camera. I have a Lumix 14mm F/2,5 pancake lense which never leaves the camera. I am very satisfied with the results from this very portable combo. Regards/Per
  11. PerThorup

    Fun with Panasonic 100-300

    Swans The local park in Northern Denmark. OM-D and Pana 100-300. Regards Per
  12. PerThorup

    Who has the most number of m4/3rds cams?

    EP-1 and OM-D - use both allmost daily. The EP-1 is still an impressive little camera. Use it sometimes for concerts where 'Pro' camera's is not allowed. Here EP-1 with Oly' 45 / 1,8, ISO 200, 1/200, F:2,5, Program, Exp comp: -1, No Flash. Regards Per
  13. PerThorup

    Fun with the Olympus OMD

    A couple from wet wet Denmark.. 2 From my garden - OMD with 45/1,8 and 2 of a new work of art called 'Echo' Regards Per