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  1. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    Ok are furry things allowed here??? I can't get to all the wild and scenic places with my X1D right now so something different. I show these for a reason....especially the one of our sweetest ever English Lab Maggie because the color is so completely natural and rich and true and I was...
  2. Maggie sweetest English Lab

    Maggie sweetest English Lab

    X1D Hassy with 90 lens
  3. Sadie, yellow tabby

    Sadie, yellow tabby

    X1D Hassy with 90 lens
  4. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    Reason I have been importing in Phocus initially is because I get the fff file which is a good bit smaller than the 3fR file imported directly into into LR from the card. (I then open the fff files in LR.) Is there some advantage one file has over the other in Lightroom?? Thanks, Eleanor...
  5. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    Josh, Interesting you should mention this....I just finished (again) reviewing all the offered profiles in Phocus to see if I should stay with Lightroom for my processing or go back to Phocus. I always import Standard into Phocus initially, and really think for Phocus, Standard is the...
  6. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    Please everyone keep the X1D photos seeing what comes out of this camera and lenses. I'll post a couple here from today.....would much rather have been in the wilderness, mountains, etc but this was what I saw on my ride today with camera with my 90 lens. All handheld. Downtown...
  7. Downtown Houston X1D 90 lens

    Downtown Houston X1D 90 lens

    Handheld 90 lens X1D
  8. Downtown Houston2  X1D 90 lens

    Downtown Houston2 X1D 90 lens

    Handheld 90 lens X1D
  9. eleanorbrown

    X1D first thoughts and sample images

    I'm considering the 22mm also...felt the 30 was too close to my 45, tho the 30 has gotten outstanding reviews. Been wanting an 18mm equivalent. Eleanor
  10. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    Really like these Josh. Love the color. Eleanor
  11. eleanorbrown

    X1D questions

    Regarding exposure...I use the second method you mentioned on most of my shots. Very easy and simple and quick. Once I had the camera in hand i almost never look at the manual for the most part....just start pushing buttons and learn that way. Menu system has the simplicity I have been...
  12. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    For me the shadow to the left is an important part of the composition of the image...balances things out nicely I think. eleanor
  13. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    Only leaves and absolutely nothing special...This shot is to show the micro detail I'm getting with my 45mm lens (here at f8 and iso 100) on tripod. I'm just slowly getting more familiar with these lenses. I'm still working on the best way to sharpen, etc..... This fff Raw processed and...
  14. X1D 45mm lens f8 iso 100

    X1D 45mm lens f8 iso 100

    100 percent crop showing micro detail
  15. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    I too had been hoping for a system that would combine aspects of my Mamiy 7II and my Phase backs on my Hassy H2 with amazing HC lenses. The X1d seemed to fit the bill for me as best any camera system can, for me anyway. It's not perfect but no system is.....Eleanor
  16. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    Another image X1D with 90 lens wide open at f 3.2 at iso 100. This lens has lovely bokeh I think.....and excellent color. Converted in LR. Eleanor
  17. Flowers XiD 90 f3.2 iso 100

    Flowers XiD 90 f3.2 iso 100

  18. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    The AUTO WB and all color balance settings...daylight etc are MUCH better. And the awful green cast on LCD is gone! Auto WB works like it should. Eleanor =JoshMerwin;720437]Thanks Nick, I will do that. Who wants to be the first firmware guinea pig???!!! :clap: Firmware updates:
  19. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    I have been doing longer exposures around my house and I find the dynamic range to be very excellent...not a problem at all. With this said I have only been shooting at iso 100.......also haven't done much experimenting with clipped highlights so can't answer to that yet. What I don't like is...
  20. eleanorbrown

    Fun with X1D

    I hate to admit this but I had no real idea of what "focus shift" was. Diglloyd has some really bad stuff to say about focus shift in the 90 lens that I used for this shot. I always just focused on what I wanted (many times manually) and that was that. Anyway this was shot with my 90 lens iso...