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  1. lookbook

    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    ... and don't forget to insert the film and press the shutter button : )
  2. lookbook

    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    ... one of my many favourite pictures of you Gary!!!
  3. lookbook

    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    ... when i was in the military, my mother always wanted a picture of me in uniform - she never got a picture - because i never had such a nice uniform like this young man here. and i wouldn't have had such a good photographer either!!! : )
  4. lookbook

    Portraits of Your Gear

    Portrait Cambo WRS 400 | make up LeeFilters | pimp with digaron hr 23mm+IQ3 100 achromatic : )
  5. lookbook

    Technical Camera Images

    ... I am completely thrilled! a wonderful work ...
  6. lookbook

    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    She was only sixteen ... Hasselblad 500 cm APO-TeleTessar 500mm | Trix D76
  7. lookbook

    Portraits of Your Gear

    ... I also think this is quite normal! do not worry ...
  8. lookbook

    Naked on the Dance Floor (NSFW)

    Nacked on the Dance Floor ... Canon FD 1.2 50mm Asph. | TRIX-D76
  9. lookbook

    The Fujinon GF Tilt Shift Lenses Are Finally Here!

    ... i don't have enough knowledge, but isn't this a comparison between a small medium format sensor and a medium format sensor?? what is the effect of the fact that the image space is "slanted" - the usable area for a straight photo would be much smaller, wouldn't it?
  10. lookbook

    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    ... i remember very fondly the other shot -. both photos have their justification and are very beautiful!!!
  11. lookbook

    Fun with the RX-1

    St. Peter-Ording Germany Sony DSC-RX1R | ISO 3200 F5.6 1/320sec
  12. lookbook

    Fun with MF images 2023

    007 and other agents ... Fujifilm GFX 50r | GF50mmF3.5 R LM WR
  13. lookbook

    Fuji GF 32-64 lens and 35-70 lens comparison

    Hi Dave, I have always avoided working with zoom lenses because they are always a compromise. For my GFX 50r I bought the 35-70 used because of the unbeatable price it is offered for used. I couldn't be happier with the lens because of its good quality. However, and I give this consideration...
  14. lookbook

    Fun with MF Achromatic Digital Backs

    Beach Bar Capri ... Phase One IQ260Achromatic | Carl-Zeiss Pananar Cfi 100mm (7700x9800)
  15. lookbook

    Plaubel Pro Shift 6X9 in this day and age.

    ... i haven't worked in analog for a long time, but one basic wisdom has always helped me to get the right shades of gray. the dark side of the finished photo is controlled by exposure - the light side of the photo by development. if the dark tones of your photos are too deep for you with...
  16. lookbook

    Fun with MF Achromatic Digital Backs

    Cougar - hunting together ... Phase One IQ 260 | Schneider Kreuznach LS 55mm f/2.8 crop
  17. lookbook

    slow day here...

    business concept ... I have spared no expense and effort to implement a business concept. Ok - I have exposed myself to some dangers - but the result is excellent! I am looking for business partners to sell worldwide t-shirt with this picture. Caption: Don`(T)rump - vote top quality! :) iPhone...
  18. lookbook

    Fun with Nikon Images 2023

    herzensangelegenheit - matter of the heart Nikon Z6 | NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8