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    Sigma DP3 Merrill - best of shots

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    fat pixel digital backs

    After 7 years since I started this thread, my CFV 16 finally gave in. Fungus grew right through the middle of the CCD censor below the protective glass after 6 months if inactiveness, and it is too costly for me to repair it (vs. getting another). So many great images in this thread is...
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    WTB: CFV 16, 32, 50 digital back for Hasselblad

    Looking for one of the CFV digital backs. please PM me if you have one to sell.
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    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    thanks very much!
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    Leica S006, 35mm, 120mm, 200mm

    I bought HY6 from Andrey. no shipment yet. it's been 30 days. will update this post when I receive
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    Fun with Nikon Images

    more butterfly photos from the key west trip
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    Fun with Nikon Images

    Good old Nikon DF still SHINES! At an indoor butterfly garden, with the 28-105 F3.5-4.5
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    FS: Leica M Monochrom (CCD) Black Body

    great decision. I was going to sell this one then also changed my mind. It is a fantastic camera, first of its kind, so I think in long term it will appreciate. Also, there's no shot that you can get on the 246 that you cannot get on the M! enjoy
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    Hilarious Df Review

    I love the DF. at first i thought i wouldn't but it grew on me. and Yes, it does look Fing cool. nothing wrong with that
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    How R U former MM1 and now M246 Shooters Getting Along?

    the m240 really is a one camera solves all solution for me. but the MM has a psychological appeal that one cannot deny. Truthfully I found I yield better photos from the m240 because of highlight recovery from color files vs fully blown on the monochom
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    Leica Q vs Rx1r II

    The Leica of course. It just works. Sony has so many silly functions packed in among the real useful ones it is so uninspiring to try to work through.
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    How R U former MM1 and now M246 Shooters Getting Along?

    I was tempted to say that the MM and M246 are so similar in terms if IQ that its minute differences would be totally shadowed by the actual quality of the picture itself to be moot. But, I guess the reason we picked up a Monochrom in the first place is because we care about these tiny...
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    FT Leica MM

    dont do it
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    mint mitakon 0.95 50mm version II for sony FE mount

    Mint lens, comes with original leather box, directly from dealer. no blemish whatsoever. this is the second version (latest) version. $700 all in
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    Fun with Olympus EM5 Mark ii 40mp only

    I'm really digging the 40mp shots. Two shot pano yielded this 8800x4500 shot. works well on long expo as well
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    Mint A7S plus Mikaton 50mm and 24-70 F4

    All include original packaging and accessories Mint Sony A7s: 1600 Sony Veritical Grip for A7 series: 150 Mitakon 50mm 0.95 version II, 700 Sony 24-70mm F4 Zeiss, 800 Take all for 10% off. NYC based, prices are net of Paypal charges. Fedex 2nd shipping included
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    WTT Nikon d800e for DF

    would also sell at 1500 net to me