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  1. lenticularis

    MS Optical Sonnetar 50mm For Sales

    There's a song that goes "Goodnight, Irene, Goodnight"
  2. lenticularis

    FS: (1.) Leica M2 body (2.) Konica Hexanon-M 35 f2 lens

    bump I've got a +22 feedback rating at and a 100% eBay Australia rating (demci05).
  3. lenticularis

    Portraits of Your Gear

    A recently purchased 1956 M3, with a 1959 Summicron 35 Type 1 I previously had a '55 M3 DS and sold that due cashflow issues but later regretted that sale. This M3 is much cleaner, recently CLA'ed and is from my birth-year, so it's a keeper. I have my previous M2 for sale on here too by the...
  4. lenticularis

    street images, any camera

    Thread awaken! 'Everyone is distracted' (Summilux-M 50 v1 on M9) A cyclist heads into a stiff headwind. (Konica Hexanon-M 35 f2 on M9) St. Mary's House of Welcome (CV 35 f1.4 MC on M9) Here's lookin' at you (Contax G45/2 (adapted) on M9)
  5. lenticularis

    FS: (1.) Leica M2 body (2.) Konica Hexanon-M 35 f2 lens

    A couple of additional points: I am on eBay Australia as demci05, with a 100% selling/trading record. I'm on Fred Miranda with 22 +ve feedbacks from buying/selling on there - username lenticular11. BUMP
  6. lenticularis

    FS: (1.) Leica M2 body (2.) Konica Hexanon-M 35 f2 lens

    1. US$600 Leica M2 body. Well-used surface condition but working perfectly. Only selling due recent acquisition of an M3. Shipping instructions: Buyer pays shipping and insurance (at cost) worldwide, also PP fees. Professional quality 35mm film rangefinder camera body. Price is in US$ (or...
  7. lenticularis

    Contax N (Zeiss T*) 70-300 f4.5-6 AF zoom lens (Canon EF) $800 inclusive

    This lens is in excellent condition and has always had a protective Hoya UV filter fitted (included). Includes the original front Contax lens cap and a Canon EF rear cap, all original packaging, sturdy Contax lens pouch, inspection certificate and lens instruction book/MTF data. I bought...
  8. lenticularis

    Leica M ... for me still one of the best systems

    That's the essence of my preference for using RFs.
  9. lenticularis

    Great A7/A7r deal at Mikes Camera- bring in ANY camera for $300 off

    So, the "only 2 retailers in the country" offering the $300 discount deal has already expanded by 50%, with another dealer offering a close 2nd! Looks like 'Mikes' was under-informed or good at marketing! ;) Either way, a great deal. Here in Australia Sony Australia offered a free adapter...
  10. lenticularis

    Unlock 16-bit RAW files for M8

    Yes that's it basically. It stores a 16bitRAW file and a matching jpeg. Run the author's software and it will create a DNG file that is then editable in your software of choice. I use it all the time now with my M8... The author is also extremely responsive to queries. I found that it would...
  11. lenticularis

    Should I be concerned regarding wide angle lenses on the Sony A7r?

    Great Canadian video, thanks fellow-Canberran Phillip! It even looked like the 17-40L wasn't disgraced at 17mm (corner-wise) when shooting that tree-stump.
  12. lenticularis

    Leica M8 IR-Compatibility Lens listing: IR hotspot or not

    Thread-resurrection! I get a hotspot most of the time when using my CV35/1.4 Nokton MC and a B+W 092 filter
  13. lenticularis

    Kudos to Leica!

    still waiting - Leica say they are having QA probs with the new supplier of the mainboard/sensor
  14. lenticularis

    I note you liked my comment about Leica after-sales service. That drew me to your website and I...

    I note you liked my comment about Leica after-sales service. That drew me to your website and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed browsing there. The Frazier Airpark shots are stunning.
  15. lenticularis

    Kudos to Leica!

    I'm getting a similar deal. I bought an M9 with an unrecognisable SD card, after the seller updated to the latest firmware. The Australian accredited Leica repair place contacted Leica Australia (then they contacted Leica AG). When the parts arrive, I am to get a new mainboard/sensor/rear...
  16. lenticularis

    Putting Faces to Names - (i.e. the Selfie thread)

    Easter 2013. M8 with Summicron 50 and no IR filter, so I look my best :) L1012855 28Mar13 by smoothlennie, on Flickr
  17. lenticularis

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Mike that's a timeless photo of the Avon weir at alma mater. In the mid-late 70s there was a great pizza takeaway shop in the terrace underneath the dome, run by an Englishwoman and her Italian husband. Probably the first pizza I tasted in fact (in those days not much pizza in Ireland...
  18. lenticularis

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Thanks Lloyd and D&A for comments and others for likes. (I am also a David / Dave.) The G45 shot was funny, in that it was originally composed as a landscape format. I was so engrossed in getting the leaves sharp that I failed to notice a dog turd was occupying the scene in the orig landscape...