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    Schneider Super-Digitar 28XL

    Mine is the Alpa version too; it features an outer thread on the front allowing you to either i) attach the blank ring with no filter thread, ii) attach the Alpa M95 x 1 filter adapter, iii) attach the Alpa M112 x 1.5 filter adapter, or iv) attach the Alpa (S/K) centre filter. BTW, the latter...
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    Schneider Super-Digitar 28XL

    You mean the lens cap ? If so, then no, the ones supplied with mine were the usual thick, black plastic, push-on style S/K ones.
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    WTB Schneider Super Digitar 28mm 5.6 XL

    One thing to bear in mind with the S/K wide angles is just how close they sit to the sensor, and how much of an effect being off parallel can have (e.g. if the lens has been mishandled, the mount hasn't been machined correctly, any shims have been installed badly etc.) This is something that is...
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    WTB Schneider Super Digitar 28mm 5.6 XL

    I can't speak of the IQ150 since I'm not lucky enough to own one, but I've used the 28/5.6 on a P45+ and currently use it on an IQ260, and it's just a superb lens. On my 260 there's some colour/luminance cast when shifted (never on the P45+), but I use the centre filter and it's more than...
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    FS: Phase One P45+ in Mamiya/P1 Mount (UK)

    Phase One P45+ in Mamiya/Phase fitting for sale. Less than 5500 shots. The back has been gently used and been well taken care of. The screen (with removable protector) and sensor are in perfect condition, and the digital back operates exactly as it should. It has the latest (5.1.2) firmware...
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    Linhof Techno Infinity Stops

    A set of 12 genuine Linhof infinity stops for the Linhof Techno (and will probably fit many other Linhof cameras as well). On a Techno, these are typically used to make a hard stop for a lens at infinity and/or to ensure a parallel point for the front standard. Really useful if you use a Techno...
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    FS: ALPA 17mm Tilt/Swing Adapter 0° – 5°

    ALPA 17mm Tilt/Swing Adapter 0° – 5° in (genuinely!) mint condition. This is the (later) version that features the tilt scale on the side. Currently selling for £1090 + VAT at Linhof and Studio / US$1585 at Capture Integration ... I'm asking £795 / $1100 including PayPal fees and free...
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    WTB: Alpa 17mm or 34mm multi-use adapter

    Looking for a (genuine) Alpa 17mm or 34mm multi-use adapter / spacer. Please PM me if you have one for sale. This is the sort of thing:
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    FS: (3) Alpa Sync Release

    PM sent.
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    Schneider 60XL on 60mpx chip (Credo60/IQ160 etc) samples

    My one experience with S/K / Alpa didn’t exactly leave me enamored with their quality control. Sent three lenses via a dealer to Alpa for remounting. S/K does this, so they forwarded them. When I got them back there were obvious issues with a couple of them. The packing of the lenses left a lot...
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    FREE (CAN): Lenovo ThinkPad Battery 55+

    Bought this a couple of years ago (IIRC for ~US$99), but never got around to buying the ThinkPad to go with it, so it's unused. If you pay shipping (which will be Canada Post), it's yours on an 'as is' basis. No shipping internationally - Canada only. The Lenovo Part Number is: 57Y4185 Please...
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    FS: ALPA dove tail tripod mount small

    Bump. Would trade for a RRS TA-3-QC: Series 3 Quick-Column.
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    FS: ALPA dove tail tripod mount small

    ALPA dove tail tripod mount small, with original packaging. Ideal for the TC, STC etc. Light signs of use (Alpa ref: 410.000.310). Retails new for US $148 Asking US $110 / CAN $140 (firm) including shipping (insured) and PayPal in Canada / US. Elsewhere, shipping at cost. Please PM me if...
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    Quick Release Plate for Alpa SWA? Help

    Alpa just recently brought out their own versions:
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    Alpa FPS & RRS plates

    Alpa have released some custom plates of their own, you might want to check them out: and: