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  1. Don M

    Rodenstock HR Digaron - S 180 image circle

    Warren, just to confirm, my lens has the spacer like the first of your lens photos with the red box on the LHS
  2. Don M

    Rodenstock HR Digaron - S 180 image circle

    Just to pile on. My back extension measures 48 mm, the mount has a copal shutter and no T/S. I see no visual limit to IC with Cambo 1600 and 20mm shift + 20 mm fall. (f11 infinity focus) Any chance that some mounts have a longer barrel and shorter back extension?? Cambo website says 20 + 20 is...
  3. Don M

    Hello from CA

    Hi everyone, My name is Don Mohr. I am passionate amateur and enjoy intimate landscapes and abstracts - subjects that hold still and don't talk back. I am a recovering engineer and want to try and stretch my artistic side. My Dante creds include IQ4 150, IQ4 150 achromatic, Cambo WRS 1600, XF...