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  1. J

    Leica S and M10 Kit

    Perhaps since I’m not pro, I don’t understand - so I’ll ask 😁 Why do you need so many cameras? I could understand MM and 2 x M10, needing a backup since your income depends on it, but why the other color M’s? To avoid having to change lenses mid-shoot? As a hobbyist, I was already feeling pain...
  2. J

    Trimmed my lens kit, swapped Noctilux to APO Summicron

    I had a lovely time shooting with the Noctilux 0.95 for the past 2,5 years - when I was actually shooting with it. And there lies the problem.. Even though while out shooting, I didn't really notice the weight, subconsciously it was causing me to leave it home. After some soul searching, I made...
  3. J

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Now let me tell you, I had some fun with the Leica M. And whilst doing that also fullfilled a childhood boys dream - got to drive a Porsche for the first time in my life!
  4. J

    Limited to 60 pieces

    I don’t like the special editions ie. they have no appeal to me. Many of them are ugly. But Leica seems to be making money on them, so good for them! The M10-D in some ways, though that doesn’t really qualify as special edition. And the lever is a quirk.. don’t need it, but it’s there and...
  5. J

    M10-D mini-review

    ^ actually having both options available would be great. There shouldn’t be any settings that couldn’t be set in camera. Point being if the camera is used for years and years, who knows wether Leica keeps upgrading the phone software. Would hate to be in a situation where the current phone...
  6. J

    M10-D mini-review

    Nice mini review, enjoyed reading it. Quick guestion though: we have iso dial on top left, on/off & exp comp in the back. So what’s the use for the thumb wheel top right?
  7. J

    What's up with this M10D?

    The camera is supposed to support EVF. This would enable exact framing.
  8. J

    What's up with this M10D?

    Leica rumors now has more pictures of it, including front ones. It definitely has rangefinder. Interestingly they mention film advance lever serving no special purpose. I find that a bit hard to...
  9. J

    NEW M camera by Zenith?

    The camera is meaningless for me, as I have the M10. BUT I’ll be looking at the 35/1.0 for sure. See when we get some reviews out etc. Hopefully it’ll be priced like Voigtlander instead of like Leica.
  10. J

    Where's Jono?

    Time to bring this thread back to life. It’s that time again! Lot’s of rumors around new Leica products starting from the S3. And where’s Jono?! He’s on vacation in Greece! Let’s break out the popcorn and wait for reviews :watch:
  11. J

    Seeking lens advice for light travel

    No checked luggage means very limited weight. I’d go with the 28/2 and 50/1.4. After packing in everything else, if there’s room 90/2.8. But only if there’s extra weight to spare from everything else. Probably want to have camera + lens hanging on a shoulder strap, just to get that weight of...
  12. J

    Leica M10-P

    A Leica M-D based on M10 platform would be pretty damn close. And add the new quiet shutter from M10-P. Tha’s about all that’s needed - iso, aperture, shutter speed. Wifi & app for adjusting the baseline settings, remote control and wireless image transfer.
  13. J

    Leica M10-P

    First of all, thanks Jono! Very informative as usual. On the whole the new M10-p looks like a very nice camera and if I were buying M now, this would be my first choice. But since I already have the M10, there’s exactly zero reason to ”upgrade”. I have no need for touch screen, level would be...
  14. J


    ^ True. If there was a perfect camera, the companies could stop making anything else. But technology is what it is, there’s always a etter thing just around the corner. The M10 is very capable & unique in many ways. And for many it’s the bear camera money can buy. BUT that only lasts until M11...
  15. J


    Hi Chris & thanks for the explanation. While most of the issues you mentioned are meaningless to me, I can see where you’re coming from. The framelines are definitely something I could appreciate as well. Though I was/am under the impression you could ask Leica service to sort it out for you...
  16. J


    Chris, could you elaborate on the irritations a bit more? Just speaking from my own experiences, I’m not really asking for more than what the M10 has to offer. For me, it met the expectations I had and things work as I expected based on previous digital M experiences. Would be nice to...
  17. J


    This same statement could be made the other way around... it’s obvious and apparent that some Sony owners also use Leica cams (albeit secretly) and know the difference :wtf: I say some, because among the gazillion Sony users they would be minority, as Leica is not the camera for mass markets...
  18. J


    Ptomsu, perhaps in the heat of the moment you misunderstood my post. Notice the little signs around ”poor”. Tongue in cheek, my friend... tongue in cheek.
  19. J


    There’s something funny going on in the DR vs. ISO table that’s in Sidhaartas link. Weird drop in the D850’s graph. If that’s legit, then the M10 actually beats the D850 between 200-500 ISO and after that it’s all equal. So the D850 would basically only see any benefit in under 200 ISO. So on a...
  20. J


    Vivek, in the link you posted Leica says ”impressive dynamic range”. I didn’t see them saying improved dynamic range let alone improved compared to what? Per the dxomark scores the M10 is equal to M240 and the SL and is better than Q or especially anything M9 based. Surely Leica wouldn’t be...