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    Question: Can I Use ISO 200 on a Phase one IQ 1 50 Back

    I was always amazed by the image quality of the 260 with sensor +. The file size suffers but you gained so much. The "regular" 200 iso was very noisy in a not nice looking way.
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    Fujifilm GFX100 II Teaser Video

    Steve, do you have any idea how this new body is going to play with an AS Universalis?
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    phase one XC…

    The focus ring on the RS 23mm is basically a 2mm turn from 2 meters to infinity. This makes this lens super easy with "always" well-focused images (besides camera shake and ES refresh). Still, I do not understand why they picked this focal length without being able to change lenses. Sooooooo...
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    Show us your Tech Cam

    Dave, these small plates might shave off a few more grams.
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    Anyone have experience with the Phase one IQ 160 or 180

    I believe the IQ180 has sensor plus correct? If so, when I was using that on the 260 I owned, it did mostly away with the noise issue. Next to that, it had its own "look" and gave more flexibility in the files. With a 180 you would get 20mp files on sensor plus I believe (very nice 20mp) ...
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    CamIf Abort Capture IQ4

    I’m not in front of the DB but you need to go into the menu then I believe camera top menu and then switch off ES mode. I hope that explains it and helps.
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    Faking live view in P45+ with a Sony RX100?

    I used to do the framing with ND filters in my filter holder and remove that when you start shooting. Before that I used a ground glass on my Alpa but must say was a pita but it worked.
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    Shoulder bag for Alpa Max + 2nd lens?

    Ethan, Billingham bags will get more beautiful and worn in overtime 9and less bling looking). Keep the bag, a great addition to the Alpa beauty.
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    centre filter questions

    IMO, the biggest culprit is the IQ3100 sensor. It plays really badly with the SK 35mm XL. The sensors prior to the 100 were more forgiving with this lens. The IQ4150 blew new life in this wonderful little lens. On the IQ3100 you definitely need the center filter (IIF) and even then the file...
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    New Hi-Res cameras - file size issues

    Look into ChronoSync. Easy and reliable.
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    Sony A7rIV on Arca Swiss M2?

    My problem was the other way around. I upgraded to the IV and found out the hard way that my As Universalis became unusable. Thia is why im so curious if that body does work with M2. Does anybody know?
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    iq4 150 with technical camera (alpa) - can't find zero latency in back!!!!!!

    This was the biggest surprise and bummer on the release of the otherwise fantastic IQ4150. Took them months to come up with the sync cord after the launch of the DB a few years back. I was just today shooting people with the sync on an Alpa and it still is a pain to work with and one gets...
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    Sony A7rIV on Arca Swiss M2?

    I'm surprised that an M2 does give no restrictions on movement. I have the Universalis and you can't use A7RIV with this setup. So with the M2 with the Sony A7RIV does not impede any movement? If so, I need to write Rod Klukas.
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    HR 35/4 vs HR 40/4 for Architecture on a 33x44 Sensor (CFVii50c)

    Are you planning to use the lens with movement or fixed?
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    Novaflex Pro75 Center Column?

    Sorry, not sure anymore what the series was but I believe a 3 series. It's about the opening on the top of the tripod that is the same diameter.
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    Novaflex Pro75 Center Column?

    I was able to reuse my center column from my Gitzo. Same diameter and not geared.
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    Phase One Feature Update 8

    Does anybody know or has tried if one can combine the new lab ETTR function in combination with Dual Exposure +? That would make for a super fast one exposure "short cut".
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    Cambo Announces Phase One X Shutter Products

    I'm totally with you on 43mm, by far my favorite lens and most used lens. Must be a millimeter issue.
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    Cambo Announces Phase One X Shutter Products

    Hi Steve, I'm coming a little late to this announcement party but I wondered why the Schneider Apo Digitar 43mm XL and 35mm XL are not on the possible upgrade list? The older 47mm seems to be possible to convert. Is this an issue of not having enough space?
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    FS: HCam Master TSII - Sony E mount to Canon lenses

    I am withdrawing the sale of the adapter. Thank you for your interest.