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  1. J

    Just for Fun: MF cameras in Movies and Commercials

    Rare sighting of Leaf AFI:
  2. J

    Trying to identify this camera

    P.S. You may know him as the person that shoots the Jack Daniels ads.
  3. J

    Trying to identify this camera

    I am pretty sure that is a picture of Mark Tucker. A very talented lifestyle photographer who used to contribute many interesting posts to this and other fora. He was once famous for his plunger cam - Hasselblad plus toilet plunger many years before the Lensbaby. If you Google "mark tucker...
  4. J

    Where is the X1D ????

    I think the value is in the unlimited access to their videos. For example, nearly two hours on Capture 9 with the Software Product Manager from Phase One. I agree that the editorial content does not seem to be as good under Kevin Raber but he does have good contacts. Jeff Schewe on Lightroom and...
  5. J

    Ordered a Hy6 and Leaf Aptus II 12 today!

    Congratulations Graham. You have done great work with the 6008 so I am looking forward to see what inspiration you get from using the Hy6.
  6. J

    Is buying a 55K camera justifiable... in the name of hobby?

    If you have not done so already, reckon on spending a substantial amount on a workstation, monitor, printer, colour management system, tripod + head etc. This forum and the Mac Performance Guide will show you how to drop a lot of money on the peripherals ;-)
  7. J

    Leica S2 vs Hasselblad H4D

    They may respond better to free eye cups ;-)
  8. J

    The little-discussed downside of using medium-format digital...

    I'm not sure if your problem relates to equipment or what you are trying to say. For sure your images are great. Is 3 scenes in 3 hours good? Who knows? What is the travel time between each scene? Are you sure that your problem does not relate to the fact that you are trying to produce a...
  9. J

    A Comparison of Technical Cameras

    Arca like making cameras and are less keen on making websites. Apparently they have one that is close to being ready but they keep getting distracted by more interesting things. The helical part of the lens mount is on the camera and is used by all lenses. The lens has to be mounted in a kind...
  10. J

    A Comparison of Technical Cameras

    Baxter, May your bank manager forgive me... Alpa - Company website UK Dealer - Linhof Studio ( Arca - No company website - they say that their components can be combined is so many ways that it is best to talk to someone! UK Dealer - Robert White have some...
  11. J


    Hi Chris, What is in the cold shoe in the very last picture? Thanks, John
  12. J

    C1 and the S2

    I think the DMR started with Imacon software but C1 became a better choice. Leica and Phase One formed a strategic alliance in 2008 but parted company in July 2009.
  13. J

    C1 and the S2

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that Leica did not like the idea of all of the S2 owners having to register their copy of C1 as this would mean giving away their customer list to Phase One.
  14. J

    A day at my dealer - got the 110 LS and tried the Artec

    Hi Tim, I am also researching tech cameras so would be interested to hear your comments. I had ruled out the arTec on price but assumed that the quality was up to snuff. I'm torn between the Cambo (v.good reputation, some 2nd hand stock, can get TS if required), the AS M2 (cheap lenses, full...