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    Hasselblad service for V-system equipment?

    Steve’s has done great work on several of my lenses, body and back. I also had another back (winder didn’t stop at the first frame) repaired at Midwest Camera and they did a good job.
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    First try in my home studio (Need some advice)

    That’s pretty good. Depending on the look you want, you could try the main light as you have and have your subject hold a reflector in her lap or by the chest to reflect some of the main light back under the chin. For more interesting looks, I put the main light (in a softbox) almost at 90...
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    Protection for IQ4 backs (rubber band, screen protector, etc.)

    How do you order the Brotect Airglass to the US? The Protection Films site says they don’t deliver to the US.
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    Lower cost digital backs for 501 and 503 Hasselblad bodies

    I recommend using Capture One Pro for any of the Phase One products. Like Martin said the P series is end of life and is not supported. The H series is definitely not supported but they are so cheap online because you have to tether. The CF cards, even, are hard to get. The early P backs have CF...
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    Lower cost digital backs for 501 and 503 Hasselblad bodies

    Phase One H20, P20, 25, 45, 65, IQ140, IQ160, IQ260 work with the V series camera bodies. The earlier models that I list are cheaper. From Hasselblad, the CFV-16 is a lower cost back that works with the V series bodies.
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    Finally found "the" backpack for my IQ4 and Hassy system...

    Good to know. I’m looking for a backpack and will look at the Compagnon. Did you compare to Lowepro or Shimoda? Curious what aspects gave the Compagnon an edge. The removable pad seems unique to the Compagnon
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    SOLD FS: Phase One IQ3 100mp $7.8K ***FINAL-FINAL...FINAL REDUCTION***

    This is a great price. I already have two Phase backs. Someone should jump on this.
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    IQ3 80 vs 60

    My 260 gets rather warm. My P25 never got warm.
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    WTB: Digital Back for Hasselblad V

    It’s a little slow right now. I’m guessing people are on vacation. V mount backs come up every so often. Keep bumping this thread and stay on the lookout. I’m sure something will be posted. I like the photos on your website. Good luck.
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    Help for tethering my PhaseOne DF and back P30+

    Phase One has this application note for P series backs: I heard mixed reviews on the OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock and the OWC Thunderbolt 2 dock is pricy since it is becoming hard to come by. I had called up Phase One and the person on...
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    Focus on a special lens: Hasselblad Planar T* 3,5/100

    I own and use the 100mm because I like the focal length. I mostly use it near to mid distance. Edge distortion is low all round but the lens is most blistering sharp at infinity. I remember one image that I shot at infinity to get the rather large structure and subject in the frame. I was...
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    So, who's making money out of their photography?

    KC_2020, I love hearing about the industry before the 90s. I remember seeing more event photographers in the 90s and even through the mid-2000s than I do today. Whether it was for corporate events or galas, a photographer was hired. Fancier events had a photographer and an assistant with...
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    Hasselblad V purchase... any later models to avoid?

    I generally look at the condition of the paint on the back and the barn doors. If you see a lot of paint scratches there, it was probably heavily used (switching backs). If possible, look at the condition of the palpas coating inside the camera. That coating is known to crack. Small cracks...
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    Coming back to photography: ditch Adobe?

    I learned from playing around and watching PhaseOne/Capture One’s tutorial videos. The Art of Photography had a couple of good C1 tutorials as well. I found C1 quite intuitive.
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    Value proposition of Capture One: Why use it instead of Adobe?

    I feel Capture One has better color, and sessions are great for photo jobs. The asset management is better on Lightroom. However after Lightroom 6 it became harder to buy a perpetual license. It was hidden on the website for some years as Adobe was promoting the subscription. If you use...
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    Hasselblad V and Credo/Phase One back - focus considerations?

    I put the plastic phase one mask on top of my ground glass. It felt really tight when I stuck it underneath. I probably didn’t install it right underneath so instead of risking misalignment, I used 3M double-sided tape and installed it on top of the glass. The waist level viewfinder closes over...
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    Loss of Fire Wire support on Mac OS Big Sur update

    I had heard that Big Sur stopped supporting Firewire. I have a MacBook Pro running Mac OS Catalina and Capture One Pro 20 that tethers to a P25. After the upgrade to Big Sur, connecting the digital back causes the computer to kernel panic. I do have another Mac that still tethers fortunately...
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    Wet cleaning

    A rocket blower has been typically enough. I’ve never seen that much dust. Do you think if you used a different brand/model of white card and wipes, it would help?
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    Pentax 645 MF Lenses

    I’ve always loved the look from Pentax lenses. I agree they’re getting their due. Back in the 90’s I read or saw a video about the fashion photographer, Sante D’Orazio. He has some great images and he used a Pentax 645.