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  1. J

    My New Print Wall

    Terry, What a creative way to display your prints, congrats! I like the idea of being able to change them when you want and quite simply. Well done, and your prints look great as well. Jim
  2. J

    All Clear: Personal note

    Guy, Happy to hear your wife got the all clear. Knew something wasn't right, just not what. Hope you have a great year now that the pressure is off. Enjoy your new chapter! Jim :salute:
  3. J

    Leica S2 - Screen with grid

    Marc, Long time no talk as I seldom post, but this required one!!! :ROTFL: :ROTFL: I've enjoyed my S2 and have thought about this accessory so am awaiting some opinions. I followed your decision making thread with interest and some amusement. Glad you finally got a good copy! Enjoy...
  4. J

    Germany trip equipment thoughts ?

    Thanks guys, You have confirmed what I already knew and Andreas filled me in on the ICE. Guess I was hoping for a good excuse to take the MF gear ! :cry: So I'll pack the small Fogg Jazz bag with Leica gear and enjoy the trip. :D Anyone else going to the Toy Fair? I'll buy the drinks...
  5. J

    Germany trip equipment thoughts ?

    Greetings frequent flyers, I have planned kind of last minute, one week trip to Germany and wondering what you globe trotter's opinion is on gear to take. Shooting will be mixed between city/landscape/ and misc. We'll be flying into Frankfurt for a day, then on to Nuremberg via ICE, to the...
  6. J

    SOLD: Metz SCA 3952 module for Mamiya 645AF/AFD $100

    Re: FS: Metz SCA 3952 module for Mamiya 645AF/AFD $100 PM sent Jim
  7. J

    SOLD: Leica Mini-Tripod & Ball Head

    Re: FS: Leica Mini-Tripod & Ball Head Email sent Jim
  8. J

    M8 Hiking Pack Solution

    Ooops, The name of the backpack is Slappa, NOT Flata !! :wtf: Sorry !! Been a long day I guess ! :o
  9. J

    M8 Hiking Pack Solution

    Ben Tanner just tested the a new backpack made by Flapa which he liked very much. :clap: Here is the published review. :lecture: Lots of choices out there believe me, I have many of them already !! ;) Happy hunting, Jim
  10. J

    WTB: Contax 645

    PM sent :D Jim
  11. J

    Arca Swiss C1 Cube

    Been lurking about on this thread and thought I'd mention that Jack convinced me to buy one a year or so ago, and am very happy I did. Built like a battleship and does pretty much anything as already discussed. My 2 cents is that I just called Badger Graphic and bought it. No waiting, they...
  12. J

    Happy Birthday Guy!

    Guy, At your age at least YOU can still blow out all the candles !! :D No, wait, you're still smoking like a chimney, maybe not :wtf: Happy Birthday ! :salute:
  13. J

    Leica 21mm Elmarit f/2.8 E60, with UV/IR --1000

    Check your PM ! :D Thanks, Jim
  14. J

    Mamiya 35mm f3.5

    Jack, It IS a beautiful tool ! :thumbs: Any self respecting MFer should definitely have one!! :rolleyes Why would you put your $20K-$40K plus camera system on a "lowly" RRS BH 40 or 55 ? :wtf: Bob and Guy, just push the "Purchase" button !! It doesn't hurt for long !!! :ROTFL...
  15. J

    Anyone used either of these backpack/cases?

    Mike, I agree with both Steve and Jack. I have both the Thinktank Airport Security and the Photobacker. I've never tried using the latter on the airlines, but for use in the field it works very well. Very well thought out and well made. I have my entire 4x5 gear in it with perfectly sized...
  16. J

    Lenovo Unleashes Monster Notebook for Digital Photographers

    Hi Steve, Just saw your post and, since it's been a long time since I've chatted with you, thought I'd pop in and say hello and offer my 2 cents worth. Actually it's pretty simple for me......BUY A MAC ! :D It might not be perfect, but for digital photography, it's very stable and the OS is...
  17. J

    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Re: Fun with MF images, part 2: What are you shooting with that MF back? Don, Just jumping on the bandwagon....very lovely shot as are many that you've posted both here and on LL. Always look forward to seeing your work. :D Also want to welcome Andrew. I enjoyed looking through your...
  18. J

    Sad about GetDpi (a personal lament)

    Jack, That's why YOU get the big dollars !! :ROTFL: :ROTFL: I like your idea. Keep it clean and simple. :thumbs: Thanks for the high praise also :rolleyes: I'll be lurking :bugeyes: Jim
  19. J

    Sad about GetDpi (a personal lament)

    Well there are always those who have to take the opposite side, so here goes. As one of the forum's "lurkers" who seldom posts at all and never posts images I feel a bit guilty even stating this opinion. However I personally enjoy looking at the images on the LUF and enjoy the way it is...
  20. J

    Laser distance finder

    Guy The gal I've chatted with a number of times who uses an Alpa uses one made by (I think ) Hilti. They are NOT cheap however, but look on Ebay. You are going to beat me to the punch again !! Cheers Jim