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  1. Raid

    WTB Battery for M8

    I need a second battery fir the M8. Please send me pm is you have are selling one.
  2. Zeiss Sonnar 5cm 2.0 Ltm

    Zeiss Sonnar 5cm 2.0 Ltm

  3. Summar


  4. Konica Iii

    Konica Iii

  5. Konica Iii

    Konica Iii

  6. Pentax 43mm 1.9 Le

    Pentax 43mm 1.9 Le

  7. Joe Patti's Seafood

    Joe Patti's Seafood

  8. Komura 105mm

    Komura 105mm

  9. Sisters


  10. Contarex


  11. Cairo Camel Market

    Cairo Camel Market

  12. Lens Comparison Project

    Lens Comparison Project

  13. Minox Gt

    Minox Gt

  14. Raid

    Trading Leica M9 for Phase One- Please help!

    I was going through a similar (to me) situation last night as I was about to buy a Leica M8.2 but got second thoughts. Suddenly, I was considering a Hasselblad SWC for the same cost. I was thinking that no digital camera can match a MF like the SWC. Then I went back and bought the M8.2. I...
  15. Raid

    B+W IR cut filter type 486 or 489?

    You are right. I should have said "WTB IR cut Filters" here.
  16. Raid

    B+W IR cut filter type 486 or 489?

    Thank you Graham. I will fet type 486.
  17. Raid

    B+W IR cut filter type 486 or 489?

    Such filters are being sold now at much lower costs. Must be new M9 owners who don't need such filtets anymore.
  18. Raid

    B+W IR cut filter type 486 or 489?

    Which type filter is the most suitable for the M8?
  19. Raid

    WTB Clean Leica M8

    I bought the camera!