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  1. buildbot

    Generative AI and photography -- what will it mean for you?

    Well written and excellent article, I think you nailed it. The human to human connection is what we can hold onto in the face of generative AI. In fact, I am kind if excited to see where this pushes photography. When painting portraits and realistic scenes became less interesting to artists as...
  2. buildbot

    Trading in 1q4 150

    Maybe they only do IQ series servicing in Japan? Or the staff in denmark just really wanted to see an Achromatic+ for contax! (There has to be what, less than 100, maybe less than 50 of those in existence?)
  3. buildbot

    EVFs and digital backs

    This would be nice but kinda tricky from a silicon perspective. I think all wafer cutting is basically rectangular only. Even if it was not you waste the square around your circular image sensor, which you pay for, so you might as well make a square/rectangular sensor.
  4. buildbot

    EVFs and digital backs

    They have and do still exist, just the price is 6-7 figures a chip. For example: I wonder how many of the Fairchild 60mm x 60mm CCDs exist still... I feel like the time is right for the retro photography movement to move onto CCDs as the new fad! What could one...
  5. buildbot

    Petapixel: Phase One XC Review: A Camera in Search of a Photographer

    It’s really odd. Maybe they were thinking no press is bad press? Negative advertising still gets your name out there? Most people who ask me about my XF/IQ3 when I’m out shooting think it’s a video camera and have no clue who Phase One is, so maybe they just want the reputation? (Not to sure I...
  6. buildbot

    Petapixel: Phase One XC Review: A Camera in Search of a Photographer

    Yeah, I really don't understand why they didn't do that. Or even a box without a mirror and the ability to control the leaf shutters in BR lenses... They literally already had this concept with the iXA and iXR, just make a lighter version with a nice grip!
  7. buildbot

    Petapixel: Phase One XC Review: A Camera in Search of a Photographer

    Looks like petapixel got an XC for a review! (Phase sent then one?! Surprising in of itself!) Spoiler: They don’t like it too much :/
  8. buildbot

    Cambo Actus-MV

    Some of the issues at least! With my self made Alpa TC style pancake camera, there was slight left to right misalignment so at infinity in the right side was blurry on the left. Granted I am not Alpa, so obviously the precision is lower. But it’s still possible to get misalignment. Might be the...
  9. buildbot

    No respect

    And let us know who to avoid!
  10. buildbot

    WTB: Mint f5.6 Copal 0 shutter

    From what I have heard, they do. I wish there was an open source and hopefully somewhat automated way to do this. Or Evan a guide on how to do so. I think there is a trick you can do using a camera with a lens aligned to infinity, and the lens to be collimated mounted on another camera body...
  11. buildbot

    EVFs and digital backs

    Unless I am missing something yes - that is the charge icon in the corner I thought?
  12. buildbot

    EVFs and digital backs

    It does! Using an iPhone 15 with USB-C at least (please excuse the terrible quality, snapped this with one hand using my work phone...):
  13. buildbot

    EVFs and digital backs

    99% sure it will always charge the back, at least for an IQ3 - USB B connectors can only feed power into a device, not from a device. IDK about the IQ4.
  14. buildbot

    Arca Swiss Has a Website!

    Wow, impressive site - it’s modern but still fast! Hard to find these days! I’ll admit, I’m really tempted by a factum… one day!
  15. buildbot

    PhaseOne actuation

    Woah, and I thought my IQ260 back was high at 400k! It was I believe, a dealers demo back at one point. 3 million is wild. With 60MB compressed files, that’s 180 terabytes of photos!!!
  16. buildbot

    Howdy from Montgomery Alabama

    Hello! If the seller accepts it, paypal gives you decent protection as a buyer. It’s what I have used here before. Buying from established members as well makes it hard to go wrong.
  17. buildbot

    Why is such a situation happening with Leaf aptus 75? erythema

    No idea, best guess - it looks like what happened when I incorrectly processed sinar ia files in my self made raw processor. Basically the files were clipped really hard and white areas showed that purple corruption. Why that’s happening here no idea :(
  18. buildbot

    Traveling to Iceland

  19. buildbot

    New camera from Arca Swiss: the Pico

    I really hope that is something like the Alpa silex! All these great early electronic leaf shutter lenses like the rollei 6000 and phase one ls could be so useful on an iq3/iq4 without a mirror…
  20. buildbot

    New camera from Arca Swiss: the Pico

    Ooo I hope they actually managed to figure out the shutter. That would be awesome.