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  1. J

    Worried about lack of tilt... Phase One XT vs. Arca RM3dii

    Like so many things it is subjective to your personal tastes and preferences. I went from Cambo/Rodie gear to the XT with the 32mm Rodie. Do I miss tilt? Nah, not really. I didn't use tilt all that much with my Cambo. My suggestion is go test shoot the XT and see if you like it. What I think...
  2. J

    Hard to decide the right tech cam setup... still fighting

    Of course the decision is subjective. There's no substitute for test shooting the cameras, lenses and backs. I have a TON of fun shooting the XT, IQ4-150 achro back, and the 32mm Rodie lens. A super easy work flow that then leaves the decision of which IR Cut filter to use with each image...
  3. J

    The Right Filters to use with Phase One Achromatic Backs

    Terrific article and spot on accurate with the comments and examples of the IR Cut filters. By the way, who is that famous unknown photographer standing in the filed in the Palouse? Hahaha!
  4. J

    Show us your Tech Cam

    A moment of creativity.
  5. J

    The CI Take on P1 Feature Update Firmware 8

    In test shooting my XT, IQ4-150 achro back, and 32mm Rodie lens I found the ETTR feature to underexpose images in varying amounts. I'm confident Capture One will refine ETTR and it will become a good tool to have available.
  6. J

    Phase One Feature Update 8

    I experienced no issues installing the features update #8 on to my XT with the IQ4-150 back and a 32mm lens connected together. This afternoon I'll do some test shoots.
  7. J

    Phase One XT

    I own the XT with the Rodie 32mm lens and the IQ4-150 achromatic back. Last week I shot an abandoned steel works and love the set up! Being able to rotate the entire camera without removing the back is a huge game changer. Yes, I miss the tilt/shift feature I had with the Cambo WRS-5000...
  8. J

    Phase One XT users happy (eg re shift)

    I'm fortunate to own an XT, IQ4-150 achromatic back, and the 32mm Rodenstock lens. What I like about the XT is the ease in changing the orientation from landscape to portrait without having to remove the back, having everything I need except for the focusing ring shown on the display, having...
  9. J

    Wednesday Webinar with PhaseOne - Exploring your vision amid digital overload

    I watched the webinar and found your presentation to be enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.
  10. J

    WTB Toyo 45CF 4 x 5 Field Camera

    US sellers only, clean, no damage. Fee free to submit any lenses that are available. Many thanks!
  11. J

    Phase One XT: The First Modern Field Camera (and X-Shutter and new firmware)

    Other than a few of us on this web board who have handled and/or shot the XT in a demo session, I'm told by a dealer that no XT's have been delivered to customers. Demo units with beta versions of new firmware have been delivered to dealers. So, the fodder posted on this forum in the last few...
  12. J

    Phase One XT: The First Modern Field Camera (and X-Shutter and new firmware)

    Tomorrow I'll be test/demo shooting the new XT. As an existing Cambo/Phase IQ4-150 achromatic/Rodie shooter I'm excited to try the new rig. Sure, today there is a limited lens quiver to select from. In time more lenses will come into play for the XT. Moving into a more touch screen based...
  13. J

    Phase One mirrorless announcement next week?

    Amazing! The product hasn't been released and already people are complaining about something they haven't seen. People, go shooting and forget about hardware, money, and whatever else is bothering you. I think I'm done reading the posts on this website.
  14. J

    Phase One mirrorless announcement next week?

    Just remember, no matter how great the new gear is, all of the "experts" will review the gear and find something they don't like. The real test will be from us Cambo/Phase/Rodie shooters who actually use this gear and are darn happy with our image captures.
  15. J

    Using the Fuji 50R to Shoot Steam Engines in Winter

    Lou: Maybe so that you were a steam locomotive engineer for a few hours, but having shot photos with you and knowing your level of knowledge and excellence in photography I'm reasonably certain you were one of the finest guest engineers ever to operate a steam locomotive at the Museum. You are...
  16. J

    Using the Fuji 50R to Shoot Steam Engines in Winter

    I shot at the Museum's workshop one time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. There was minimal snowfall the year I went to the Museum. Nothing like Lou encountered. I'm considering returning to the Museum for their annual photographer event, typically held in February. Great images, Lou! Jeffrey
  17. J

    How do you organize your cupboard?

    I keep the valuable equipment inside a fire safe. Filters, tripods, backpacks, and the like are scattered about in a second bedroom in my house. There isn't any logic to my scattering but I seem to find the items I'm looking for among the clutter.
  18. J

    advice on technical cameras for landscapes please?

    I own and use the Cambo WRS-5000. Most of the time I use my Rodenstock 40mm lens although I own two other lenses. I own and use a Phase Achromatic back because I'm hooked on black & white, sometimes infrared too. Crawl, walk, then run in your gear selection. Find a reputable dealer and if...