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  1. Wayne Fox

    CI Impressions of Phase One Dual Exposure + and New Firmware 7 for IQ4

    interesting perspective. So much dynamic range now ... I haven't shot an HDR in years. As far as making the sensels smaller, I think they could be made a lot smaller ... but with a different strategy. Micro LED displays are the current rave, possibly to eliminate OLED at some future time...
  2. Wayne Fox

    CI Impressions of Phase One Dual Exposure + and New Firmware 7 for IQ4

    Other than the fact developing these really nice and advance features is diverting resources from fixing what should have been there when it was shipped or a couple of months later. Agreed it looks very promising, with this and frame averaging (which I do like for seascapes) I am reconsidering...
  3. Wayne Fox

    Phase One IQ4150 Issues, Problems and bugs (Please add yours to the list)

    I think the problem with Capture Pilot is Phase has decided to roll out some new “powerful” version that allows far more than the previous version, for example putting features that are currently in Capture One that can be done at the time of shooting on a device. And I assume there are many...
  4. Wayne Fox

    Another Phase One countdown on their website. What now?

    Lame. The idea is fine, but the countdown thing is totally lame. I’ve never seen ANY company do a countdown for just adding some marketing hype to their website. Rapidly losing confidence in Phase’s ability to really deliver promised functional products to the customers that have financed...
  5. Wayne Fox

    Iq4 150... Going to be approaching 1.5yrs of this release and still no IPad tethering

    unfortunately without Capture Pilot support, my Phase gear sits in the safe. Not sure what is going on, I know they want to “rewrite” it, but at this point they should have figured out a way to make the old one work. I started with a Phase one P25. and have upgraded to p45, p45+, p65, IQ180...
  6. Wayne Fox

    LR 9.2 ... IQ4 150 now supported!

    For those Phase One closet Lightroom users out there, or for those that just depend on LR’s Library module for it’s DAM features (much better than Capture one), todays release supports the IQ4 150! Also Lightroom finally supports PSB files .... big deal for those using Lightroom and doing pano...
  7. Wayne Fox

    Backpack help please

    Never realized the size difference change the pack, I thought it was just about how the straps were configured to carry it. I may write them and see if they’ll take it back, if not at least trade it for the larger one. I’m about 5’9” so I debated on which one to order anyway, as I guess I’m on...
  8. Wayne Fox

    Backpack help please

    so I just received my Athlete, was going to try a configuration similar to yours, and there is no zipper that allows access to the compartment where you show your GFX Body. Was this something that had to be ordered with the bag or special order, or is yours a little older bag and they killed...
  9. Wayne Fox

    Backpack help please

    Thanks Greg. Especially for the pics. I think I’m going to give the adventure a try. I assume the tripod is side mount? Seems most camera makers do tripods on the side (I have some Clik’s that are designed to be centered) which I hate because then the bag is off balance and puts more weight...
  10. Wayne Fox

    Backpack help please

    :worthless: Seriously, some terrific information, but some pics of the gear in the various bags, including ICU’s and what’s actually in the bag would be extremely helpful. Matt’s post was great ... thinking very seriously about the two bags and seeing how he had to cram the body up at the top...
  11. Wayne Fox

    MBP 16" Catalina with Capture One and IQ4150

    So a little quick testing with C1 20 on 16” MBP, Catalina 10.15.1. It does utilize the Radeon Pro 5500 GPU quite a bit. I still see the intel GPU getting hit, but certainly could be from something else I’m running. CPU utilization is pretty low, rarely using more than about 30-40% of the...
  12. Wayne Fox

    MBP 16" Catalina with Capture One and IQ4150

    You can open activity monitor and then open GPU history under the window menu to see all GPU’s and their usage. the idea that the new video card is not supported is very possible. This is true of Adobe Premiere, it only uses the intel graphics, not the new Radeon Pro. Right now the 16” MBP is...
  13. Wayne Fox

    MBP 16" Catalina with Capture One and IQ4150

    Actually if you take a look at Activity monitor, you will see that in Intel multi core CPU’s they have 8 actual cores but also have 8 virtual cores. If you follow the activity of the CPU’s the machine is capable of 1600% CPU utilization, not 800%. A 400% utilization is only ¼ of the available...
  14. Wayne Fox

    need tips with thumbnails!

    How I work as well. I never do anything with files in the finder, that’s really the purpose of the Asset Management program. So I import straight from card into LR, letting LR create all the folders I might need. I move files from within LR, and if I need to move a folder or file to a...
  15. Wayne Fox

    need tips with thumbnails!

    I just opened a few folders in finder. I don’t have any with that many images, but a folder with 68 IQ4150 files, all the thumbnails are drawn in a couple of seconds. If I resize the thumbnails so they are large, it takes about 10 seconds for all of them to redraw. If I hit the space bar to...
  16. Wayne Fox

    Survey of cleaning techniques for IQ4150

    I’ve seen no difference between my IQ3 100 and IQ4 150 in sensor dust cleaning needs.
  17. Wayne Fox

    Auto ISO on Phase One XF

    well, they certainly should be able to address it in firmware, along with all the other problems and features they need to address. At the rate they are going with firmware, they’re not going to get this thing working right until time for a new back.
  18. Wayne Fox

    Auto ISO on Phase One XF

    Sounds like this is a difference between a IQ3 100 and IQ4 150? Maybe another bug in the 150.
  19. Wayne Fox

    Capture One PRO 20 news

    To be a beta tester do you have to also preorder?
  20. Wayne Fox

    New Phase One Firmware for IQ, XF, and XT

    good to hear. Of course the real concern for me is how well it works with my tech camera, anyone brave enough to try it please let me know.