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Search results

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    FS: Toyo 45A

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    Cambo WDS-580 viewfinder

    300 eur shipping included in Eu.
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    Hasselblad Xpan II

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    FS: Sinaron Digital 45mm f 4.5

    600 euro!
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    Sinar F2

    Price updated: 300 eur + shipping
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    Positive feedback for Warren Diggles

    Hello! Usually I'm reluctant about shipping overseas (mostly because of the regulations in my country / not only this, but also because of porch delivery so common in US - confirmed by UPS 😂 ) but I have sold an Apo Digitar 35mm to Warren and everything worked without problems. Thank you, Warren!
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    FS: Sinaron Digital 45mm f 4.5

    I have this Sinaron 45mm f4.5 lens for sale in really good condition, shutter serviced and tested at all speeds. Price is 750 euro shipping included in Europe.
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    FS: Apo digitar lenses

    The 35XL with centerfilter has been sold. 24XL -1200 eur 47 XL - 900 eur Or 1900 eur for both.
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    FS: Mamiya DF+ with digital back Leaf Aptus II-7

    Aptus db is sold, the df+ is available for 400 eur
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    FS Silvestri Flexicam with lenses

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    FS: Mamiya DF+ with digital back Leaf Aptus II-7

    Reduced at 1400 euro.
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    UPDATED: Factory refurbished Alpa Max incl. box and accessories almost like new (EU)

    How much would cost a remount to Alpa? I presume in the 1000+ range, but how much exactly?
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    FS Digaron W 40mm

    Seeing this lens being search for lately, I consider selling a nice Rodenstock Digaron W 40mm in Copal shutter without any specific mount. Looking to get 4000 eur clean, meaning taxes and fees to be calculated. If personal handing is a solution then 4k, only in Europe. Will add some nice photos...
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    FS Coolscan FH-869 GR tray

    Selling a tray for coolscan 8000/9000: FH-869 GR in box with masks included /425 euro shipping included in EU.
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    FS: Apo digitar lenses

    I will post later photos for 47mm XL.
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    FS: Apo digitar lenses

    For sale 2 Apo digitar lenses: * 24mm XL - 1300 euro * 35mm XL - 1300 euro * 47mm XL - 1000 euro Price for all 3100 euro (bonus 1x center filter for 35mm only/ later edit)
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    Sinar F2

    Selling a Sinar F2 (fresnel, normal bellows and 2 chassis 4x5 included). I will add a lensboard too. Price is 400 euro net to me (plus shipping/fees)