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  1. Jack

    Nikon Z AF fine tuning

    I decided to post this in case my experience could help someone else out. I've always thought that due to the way mirrorless cams focus, AF fine-tuning was rendered pretty much irrelevant -- and honestly didn't understand why it even remained a menu option. To be clear, none of my Z lenses and...
  2. Jack

    Finally, a digital B&W conversion I'm pleased with!

    Special thanks to my friend Bob Freund for his help on this project. As many of you know, I have been searching for a credible digital to mono conversion routine for quite some time. To date, none of the traditional goto methods nor any of the third party plug-ins I've tried have impressed me --...
  3. Jack

    Z7/Z7ii ISO noise performance

    The Z7's tend to get relegated into the "poor at higher ISO" camp of cameras. For my uses, I remain fairly impressed with them at up to 25,000. I thought I'd share this shot for two reasons. First is it's taken at ISO 6400, but has a 2/3rds exposure bump, light saturation and clarity bumps and a...
  4. Jack

    Color me stunned...

    There's been a lot of net discussion lately on Adobe's recently released "enhance image resolution" upscaling in LR and ACR. So just for giggles I decided to try it out. Frankly, I was not overly impressed, but then admittedly did not spend a lot of time working with it -- I find the ACR/LR UI...
  5. Jack

    Found: Nikon Z7ii body, new to gently used

    Found! Title says it all. I know this is a long-shot, but please tag me if you have one you're willing to let go.
  6. Jack

    SSD RAID, anybody running one?

    My RAID 5 box is running fine currently, but the spinning drives in it are getting a bit long in the tooth so I am going to upgrade them later this year regsrdless. I am contemplating migrating from spinners to SSDs now that their price is coming down, but know there is a R<>W wear issue in...
  7. Jack

    Viltrox 85mm for Nikon Z -- initial mini review with some pics.

    So I pulled the trigger on a Viltrox 85 in Z mount based on the mostly positive initial reviews. Note that historically I've not spent a lot of time with the 85 focal. I don't know exactly why, I do like the way they render, but always seemed to grab my 105 instead. That's the main reason I...
  8. Jack

    D50/160 Monitor profile spec, ISO12646

    Just learned this and thought I'd share FWIW... For years I've profiled my monitor to D65/120CD/m2. I've always felt is was a touch too cool, but used it since that's what "everybody" used. I just bought a new 5K display and my old i1 had failed, so had to buy a new profiling head. While...
  9. Jack

    Eizo CG 279 Graphics monitor, local pick-up Silicon Valley, CA

    I know it's a long shot, but if you live in NorCal and want a nice graphics monitor, I have an Eizo 27" CG279 with hood and on-board calibration available. I'm located in Los Altos, heart of Si Valley. This one...
  10. Jack

    So I added a Thunderbolt3 NVME SSD

    Covid cobbling 101 warning 😁 I just put together a Sabrent 2TB NVME Thunderbolt3 external drive for my current working images. I use this drive for faster I/O when off-loading cards and working on images as my main image storage drive is a full of relatively slower spinning drives. I of course...
  11. Jack

    Reprocessing images

    Like many of you, I've been going back into my archives and reprocessing some of my historical images. My main point to this thread is two-fold. First that *I perceive* raw processors --in my case C1-- have improved enough to warrant redos -- some of my best legacy images were processed with 5...
  12. Jack

    Nikon Bellows and Slide copier complete kit

    Nikon PB-4, PS-4, BR-2 reversing ring and BR-3 rear lenshood. These are all in good, usable condition and everything works smoothly. The PB-4 bellows rear mount allows for rotating between horizontal and vertical while the front standard allows shifts and swings for perspective adjustments at...
  13. Jack

    Don't you just hate it when...

    Decided to share a few of my pet image processing peeves -- fortunately we don't see very much of them on GetDPI, but they seem to be everywhere else on the net :D First gripe is a horrible mask job with obvious horizon halo. Mostly I see it with sunset or sunrise captures, but now more and...
  14. Jack

    CaptureOne Import issue

    For whatever reason, it seems C1 will no longer auto eject the card after import. The box is there and checked, ostensibly carried over from my previous installations, but it and the erase option are both grayed out. This is C1 21 Mac with a USB-C CFexpress/SD card reader with CFex card inserted...
  15. Jack

    Canon EF lenses on my Z7

    Sometimes the simplest things can bring the most joy... An Altson CEF to NZ adapter arrived today as did a used Canon USM pancake 40mm I ordered. So I mounted them up and stuck them on the camera and... Nothing. The lens just made a pulsing noise. In MF or AF mode. If I tried to focus it in MF...
  16. Jack

    SOLD: Lower Price! Nikon 105/2.8 AF-S VR-G macro exc+

    SOLD , this lens needs to find a new home... Selling my 105 AF-S VR-G macro -- the reason being I simply don't use it and it needs to find a home where it will be utilized. It is in excellent condition overall, I cannot see even any tiny marks that indicate use. Obviously it has been used, but...
  17. Jack

    Z7 upgrade path logistics ???

    I am quite satisfied with my existing Z7. I wish it had a second card slot a-la the Z7ii, but really don't need it. I like the idea of faster/better AF, but honestly have not run into any significant issues with the current AF in my regular useage. A 46MP sensor is plenty for me, even...
  18. Jack

    GFX 100 questions

    A Fuji GFX system is on my "want" list; ideally probably a GFX100 plus a 50R and a couple lenses. Lately, I've seen several very low use GFX 100's coming up for sale at attractive prices. My question is it seems like the ultimate MF platform, so I'm wondering at the recent slew of sales?
  19. Jack

    XQD or CF Express?

    I started with a single 120 GB XQD card for my Z7 during my trial adoption phase and it's been perfectly adequate. But that trial period is over and it's time to add a second camera body, which in turn means it's time to fill out a proper set of cards -- probably at least 4 to 6 total. The...
  20. Jack

    C1 21 is out

    I installed C1 21 today on my desktop and laptop Macs, both running Big Sur. Instal went quickly and easily. Biggest tip is to let the hardware acceleration finish running completely the first time you open it -- depending on your system it can take a few minutes.