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    Antarctica Anyone

    South Pole Station is only open to NSF researchers, and there's almost nothing to photograph there except labs and experiments.
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    Hasselblad XCD lens repair in SF Bay Area?

    Very curious to hear how this goes, with the NJ office closed and rumors flying about how all the trained technicians were let go.
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    Hi - I'm interested in the ZM lens. What's the shipping cost to New York? Thanks.

    Hi - I'm interested in the ZM lens. What's the shipping cost to New York? Thanks.
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    Hasselblad CFV ll 50c

    That team is not practicing social distancing!
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    Epson 3880 ink

    Taking offers...
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    Epson 3880 ink

    Epson 3880 ink, selection of full cartridges, and many partially full. Printer died, replaced it with P800, but have lots of ink that shouldn't be wasted. Dates vary from 2014 to 2019; I've been using these up until a few weeks ago, never a problem. Five full cartridges, nine partial...
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    FS: Hasselblad X1dii and lenses

    There isn't an XCD 35mm lens. Do you mean the 30mm?
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    FS: Leica Elmarit f2.8 28mm ASPH and Summicron f2 35mm ASPH

    Both in excellent condition, glass clear, focus smooth, click stops crisp, no issues I can determine. 28mm coded lens, includes front and rear caps, sunshade, leather case, box, instructions, test certificate, B+W UV filter. Original owner Serial Number 4006245. Asking $1600, buyer pays Paypal...
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    Hasselblad TW-100

    Moon landing was July 20. Takeoff was July 16.
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    Biking and MF photography

    I just spent a couple days cycling around New Orleans (mountain bike, terrible streets) with an X1D. I keep the camera in a padded pouch, inside an Ortleib backpack. You could also go with Ortleib panniers. I've done may trips in New York City with the same setup, on a road bike. The tripod...
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    Bag for X1D

    I use a padded pouch for my camera and put it in my regular (waterproof) backpack. Extra protection and no one knows it's a camera bag. But the pouches I have are too small for the X1D. Anyone come across something like that?
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    Leica R- PC Super Angulon 28mm lens

    Additional pictures:
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    Voigtlander Color Skopar 28mm F3.5 Leica M mount + filter

    Black version, near perfect condition, only used a few times, with both caps. Also included: B+W UV haze filter. I may have the box too, will search for it. $400 including paypal and shipping to CONUS. Thanks.
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    Leica R- PC Super Angulon 28mm lens

    Extremely clean lens, works perfectly, with all caps, hood, B+W UV filter, etc. $1050 including paypal and shipping to CONUS. I purchased this used and shot with it a few times but switching to MFD so don't need this. Novoflex adapter for Leica R to Sony NEX almost new, used a few times...
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    X1D: Where are we at?

    I am thankful for that flowchart.
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    Arca Cube leather bag

    This came with my Cube, I never use it. Has a few minor scuffs, but otherwise excellent condition. $180 shipped in the US, more postage anywhere else. Paypal included. Thanks.
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    The Fuji GFX

    Anyone do a weight comparison? The Hasselblad is listed at 750 grams for body plus battery. I can't find the weight of the Fuji listed anywhere.
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    SOLD : OWC 240gb 6g Extreme SSD

    Re: FS : OWC 240gb 6g Extreme SSD Hi Guy - What did you have this installed in?