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  1. Z

    UPDATED: Factory refurbished Alpa Max incl. box and accessories almost like new (EU)

    HI Paul Hope you are well. Where in Switzerland are you based? I do have a 90HR - and might part with it.
  2. Z

    Positive Feedback @caumont

    Bought a XF from Vincent Very helpful and easy transaction. Was packed so well - I doubt a museum will pack their paintings this well. Highly recommended! and no BS. Cheers, Zak
  3. Z

    SOLD (EU) : Phase One XF HAP-2

    PM sent
  4. Z

    For Sale PHASE ONE 150mm lens..$500.00

    I guess it is the mamiya / phase one version pre Schneider Kreuznach.
  5. Z

    For Sale PHASE ONE 150mm lens..$500.00

    is it the LS version?
  6. Z

    For Sale PHASE ONE 150mm lens..$500.00

    Hi Stanley Is the lens still available? best Zak
  7. Z

    WTB: CAMBO WRS 40MM HR DIGARON-W with Copal 0

    HI Will. I have the 50mm and the 40mm and am thinking of selling the 40mm... are you still looking for one? Best. Zak
  8. Z

    FS: Leaf Credo 60 Mamiya / PhaseOne mount Ship world wide insured

    Leaf Credo 60 mamiya mount USD 5300 Euro 4700 2 x battery usb + fire wire cable shutter count 35000 in great condition, sensor is clean no scratches. Based in Zurich, can come and test / view and collect. can do a zoom meeting to view camera :-) I can also bring to Germany, i am there now...
  9. Z

    FS: Leaf Credo 60 Mamiya / PhaseOne mount

    Ok, maybe that was to high :-) New price. Euro 5000 USD 5600 Open for reasonable offers. Upgrade and this one has to go.
  10. Z

    FS: Leaf Credo 60 Mamiya / PhaseOne mount

    Selling Leaf Credo 60 back in great condition Including 2 x batteries with Charger Usb cable Shutter count 35000 € 6000 USD 6770 will ship insured world wide Included Paypal - banktransfer - or collection Located in Switzerland can also post from Germany
  11. Z

    WTB: Phase one 100mp

    sent pm best Zak
  12. Z

    WTB: Phase one 100mp

    searching for a phase one 100mp. Iq3 or Iq4
  13. Z

    FS: Leaf Aptus II 10 56mp

    Got a Leaf Aptus II 10 56mp to sell. 6500 US mamiya mount Can be used to trade in for IQ3 100 till end of the month for 35% Ir filter got micro micro small mark that looks like a piece of dust.. easy to retouch / not worth filter replacement Camera was only used indoors. Including batteries...
  14. Z

    Lee Filter System Parts and Accessories

    HI I am intrested in them all except for the hitech pol filter. shipping to switzerland...?? kind regards zak
  15. Z

    WTB: Cambo WRS-1068 Roll Film Adapter

    HI I shoot film with the Actus DB and its the same mount. so you would need the WRS-1068 adapter. I think I paid round 550 for mine. it only works with mamiya rb back. good luck
  16. Z

    WTB : Rodenstock 35mm or 45mm digital lens or wider

    looking for Wide angle Rodenstock Digital lens.. with 90mm plus image cirlce Thanks allot Cheers