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    SOLD-Fuji XT-5 (XT5)

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    VILTROX 13mm F1.4 Lens for Fuji X

    Price drop to $350.00
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    SOLD-Fuji XT-5 (XT5)

    price drop to $1475.00
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    SOLD-Fuji XT-5 (XT5)

    Hi All, Up for sale is my Fuji xt-5. I'm the first owner and the camera is in mint shape. has lived in a cage the whole time I've had it. About 5k on the shutter. Comes with the original box and all the original accessories. Asking $1500.00 Price includes shipping in the conus, buyer to pay...
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    VILTROX 13mm F1.4 Lens for Fuji X

    Up for sale is my Viltrox 13mm lens. The lens is super sharp from wide open and in like new condition. The metal hood did get a small nick on it which you can see in photo#2 right on the lip of the short petal side. I'm the first owner and purchased new earlier this year. Includes the lens and...
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    SOLD-Schneider 120mm Makro Symmar HM F5.6 Lens

    Hi Kipoz, The 120mm macro sold some time ago. I forgot to mark the ad as sold. Sorry about that. Marking it now.
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    SOLD- Arca Swiss Canon Aperture Control Lens Board.

    Hi All, Up for sale is my Arca Canon lens aperture control lens board for arca swiss tech and view cameras (RM3di, F-Universalis, M-2, F-line, and M-line). Allows use of Canon lenses on arca swiss with electronic aperture control. Works great with the canon TS-e lenses. Uses a little lipstick...
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    is there a cheap macro for GFX for reproduction - around 50mm?

    There’s the Mamiya 645 80mm f4 macro. It goes to 1:2. There’s a dedicated tube for it that will bring it to 1:1, or possibly higher magnification. It’s a film era lens but does well on digital too. It’s not 50mm though…
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    SOLD- Fuji GF 45mm F2.8 Lens -LNIB-

    Hi All, Up for sale is my fuji GF 45mm F2.8 Lens. Lens is in like new condition and comes with original box, and accessories (lens bag, manual etc...). Asking $950.00. I'll pay shipping in the CONUS, buyer to pay the paypal fee. I'm a long time member of the forum, feel free to PM me with any...
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    Can I change the function of the joystick in playback mode on Fuji GFX 100s?

    It does, but if you want to look around at all, then you have to use the joystick or the touchscreen. It was easier and faster just clicking and scrolling around with the joystick on the 50s/r, or the XT series. Now it’s a two button operation, or I’m smudging up the screen, which I don’t like...
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    Can I change the function of the joystick in playback mode on Fuji GFX 100s?

    Thanks for the response guys, I was afraid this might be the case. I did see that page Rob, I was hoping maybe I misread, or there was another function available for the playback menu. Or perhaps Fuji had added functionality via firmware update, but I guess Bart is right, "kaizen" isn't a...
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    Can I change the function of the joystick in playback mode on Fuji GFX 100s?

    I cannot seem to find this in the manual or anywhere online, but I would like to change the function of the “press” function on the joystick when in playback mode. It’s currently set to open the playback menu if an image is on the rear screen, which is the same function as the regular menu/ok...