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    FS: Schneider Apo Digitar XL 47mm Lens Copal 0 (Cambo WRS, $1650)

    In excellent condition, comes with both original front and back caps. Glass is perfect, there may be some paint loss with the mount area. In Cambo WRS mount. Price is $1650 and slightly negotiable
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    Cambo T/S Rodenstock 32mm f/4 HR Digaron-W Copal 0

    Selling an excellent condition Rodenstock 32mm f/4 HR Digaron-W mounted on Cambo Wide RS mount with tilt/swing functionality on Copal 0 shutter, which is now not available for new sales. This means it will work for older backs without electronic shutter like the older CCD backs. Price is $5999...
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    Phase One Schneider Kreuznach 35mm LS Blue Ring f/3.5 AF ($1900)

    Lens is in decent condition and comes with hood, original 105mm front lens cap, and original back lens cap. Does not come with box or manual. The glass is clean and has no marks, but the barrel/focus ring itself has some paint loss. Price is negotiable.
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    FS: Phase One IQ4 150 kit with XF Body

    Where are you located?
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    FS: Phase One XF Gear (XF HAP-1, Waist-level VF, 35mm, 55mm, 80mm, 150mm)

    I am selling the following Phase One XF kit: Phase One XF Camera (HAP-1, ~5400 mirror count, ~7400 focal plane shutter count): $2200 Waist-level finder $350 Phase One V-Grip (9+): $350 Schneider 35mm LS 3.5 BR (8+): $2350 $2000 - paint loss on a few parts Schneider 55mm LS 2.8 (9+): $600...
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    Positive feedback for @dekap

    I shipped first to him, and he paid me through wire transfer, which appeared quickly the next day. Highly recommend.
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    FS: Mamiya 645 lens to Cambo WRS body adapter

    In perfect condition. Asking price is $350, new price is $744. Open to lower offers (reasonable) Can be used to turn any Mamiya 645 mount lens into tilt shift on a digital back, however this requires electronic control for most newer lenses to change aperture
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    Sold: Phase One XT

    Sold to @dekap
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    Sold: Phase One XT

    I would probably want something near asking price if shipping outside the US especially Europe or Asia as I would have to deal with some paperwork and more expensive shipping rates.
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    Sold: Phase One XT

    Excellent condition and comes with box. Located in Northern California. FM username is same as here, BUT if you are still unsure I can provide references here AND ship to you first and have you pay afterwards...
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    SOLD: Rodenstock 70mm f/5.6 HR Digaron-W (Copal) for Cambo WRS ($2,200)

    I have an excellent condition 70mm that I am willing to sell for $3150 $2600 $2200, price negotiable to an extent. It has no tilt-swing functionality. Slight dust on lens in pictures but there is no damage. Prefer local sale (with discount) in San Jose, CA.