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    WTB: Leica M adapter L

    Looking for a Leica M to SL adapter. Let me know your price shipped.
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    FS: Cambo WTS Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 50mm f/4 Lens

    I’ll be in Europe at the end of this month if anyone in EU want to buy. Let me know so I can bring it with me.
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    WTB: Hasselblad HC 80mm

    Please PM with price. Thanks
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    FS: Arca Swiss D4 monoballfix head

    Pm sent
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    Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread

    Olympus - Vietnam
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    Cambo WRS-HSVA adapter

    Still looking
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    FS: Cambo WTS Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 50mm f/4 Lens

    Selling an excellent condition Rodenstock 50mm to fund another lens. Glass is clear of any haze or scratch. Photos incoming. Asking price is $5k OBO Please PM for questions
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    Cambo WRS-HSVA adapter

    Pm sent but haven’t got a respond yet. Still looking
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    Cambo WRS-HSVA adapter

    Please pm with price if you’re looking to sell one. Thanks.
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    SOLD Phase One P25+ V mount

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    SOLD Phase One P25+ V mount

    P25+ V mount Battery Charger The back is in excellent condition and has about 90k shots count. Asking price is $2k net to me. Please PM for questions. Pictures will be upload later this week.
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    FS ALPA lenses

    Selling the following lenses in ALPA mount 1) SK 120mm M - $4500 2) SK 72mm Digitar - $4000 Pictures coming soon Pm for questions
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    WTB ALPA FPS to ALPA 12 adapter 17

    Please PM if you have one for sale. Thank you
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    FS Cambo Actus DB2

    I do have the phase one plate for the DB2 available