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    Your favourite “bang for the buck” lenses

    I've tried Sironar N, Sironar S and Rodenstock Digital all in the same focal length (150mm) and the digital version was the best one, closely followed by the S flavour with N having worst contrast and sharpness of the three. Still, the N version is quite usable although a bit low on contrast...
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    Advice needed. Tabletop with Digaron 180S or 138mm Float

    50 cm objects are large enough for you to use any lens you like as you will be working at 1:10--1:15 scales. Digarons are excellent for that type of magnification ratios and hr180 reaches its optimal characteristics at 1:12 scale. I am also certain it should be better than 150mm BR lens as it is...
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    fat pixel digital backs

    All Sinar gear is amazing. Great precision stuff and pleasure to work with. Their pan and tilt heads are probably the best heads I have ever had and can deal with anything you throw at them. The same with the rotating holder that I am lucky to have - it can take up to 60kg of gear and have it...
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    Computer to handle IQ180 files

    80mp files are not that demanding. Any desktop produced in the last 10 years will handle it just fine. Obviously, the newer the gear the smoother processing will be. With laptops, that's probably 5 years old models that would still manage it OK.
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    Schneider-Kreuznach APO-Digitar 35mm f/5.6 L-88° on GFX

    @rdeloe Did you buy it in a physical shop or online? Do they have a website? I would be interested in some Plaubel bits and pieces.
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    Angle of view for stitched photos

    you can calculate it quite easily using basic trigonometry - the triangle basis is your new image width and you know the height since you know the original width and the original angle of view (angle at the apex). Tangent of that angle equals the original witdth divided by the height. There is a...
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    Schneider-Kreuznach APO-Digitar 35mm f/5.6 L-88° on GFX

    I meant 47 digitars, not SA - SA XL and non-XL are two different lenses, but Digitars 47mm XL and Digitar 47mm (non-XL) are the exact same lenses, and in fact, from what I read, identical to SA 47mm (non-XL)
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    Schneider-Kreuznach APO-Digitar 35mm f/5.6 L-88° on GFX

    I think it is the same case as with 47mm SK lenses coming in two descriptions (XL and non-XL) but being the same lens.
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    Printers or panels

    That's quite sad that majority of people are no longer interested in prints. Visual art changed to a fast-food style mobile screen 2-second experience. It is annoying for authors, as you spend hours to tweak colours only to have it watched on a randomised profile screen, making your hard work...
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    Carl Zeiss S-Topar A2 80mm

    It would fit to any large format monorail type camera, as you would then have enough space in the front of the sensor to accommodate the lens. Also, you can easily adapt lens boards from other cameras in a larger system by using lens plate adaptors. I would imagine this lens to work without...
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    Carl Zeiss S-Topar A2 80mm

    Yes, it seems that S Topar was succesfully used for multispectral analysis and that lenses from A series were corrected for infrared (800nm). source:
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    Carl Zeiss S-Topar A2 80mm

    If you own a Sinar camera you can simply mount it in a collar to any Sinar board and use it with a behind-the-lens shutter (Sinar Auto aperture shutter) You can mount this way any lens, including barrel lenses that would be otherwise impossible to use in a copal shutter. Sinar Auto aperture...
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    DIY projects

    How did you solve the lens tilting?
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    Carl Zeiss S-Topar A2 80mm

    Or he may be laundering the money, who knows. People buying such rare lenses would rather share some pictures made with them. Unless these are bought for India Space Programme or something. @lookbook Out of curiosity, how much did you pay?
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    Fun with MF images 2024

    Completely agree. DM messages would feel rude, patronizing, and ad-personam, in my opinion. Public comments allow to see a full spectrum of opinions and may even lead to an interesting discussion between other users with different views.
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    Fun with MF images 2024

    Leaving aside this particular photo - the comments make you wonder for what purpose people upload photos at all to publicly available websites. It seems to me that when you upload a photo somewhere, you do it to show your work and you don't mind, or even expect and welcome comments. Should only...
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    Your favourite “bang for the buck” lenses

    another tessar worth recommending is Schneider's Xenar 150mm 5.6 - can be bought for around 200 USD in copal 0 and is amazingly sharp as for analog lenses. Great lens - very compact, light and sharp with a large image circle.
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    Resolution between digital and analog photographic Pictures

    Do they always process the photos in this annoying 'I wear tight jeans and a beard" style? Or, can you ask them not to make your photos ugly?
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    In other words: we have decided to turn our clients into beta testers to save time and money on testing. We are now waiting for the solution worked out by our clients so we can apply it cheaply. :)