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    GFX 100II won't trigger flash when HC lens attached

    Perhaps a viral YouTube or tik tok video?
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    Fun with MF images 2024

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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    This is very interesting! Every culture seems to have a reason to burn things on a grand scale. Is this a Hamburg only phenomenon?
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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    @ggibson - Lovely images! Brings back memories of when my children were little! I took a lot of photos on 35mm slide.
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    Capture One Update Process? Muffed.

    You just need to open your existing catalogue from the file -> open menu. If you have a saved workspace, you can reload it in place of the default.
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    Poll: What are the most critical IQ5 features you'd upgrade for?

    EVF should be possible even in the current IQ4. It needs some firmware changes. Use the hdmi to drive the display. Use the touch screen like a tablet to interface the on-screen pointer with the touch on the screen. It will feel a bit disconnected in the beginning like learning to use a Wacom...
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    Poll: What are the most critical IQ5 features you'd upgrade for?

    To be honest, I moved from the IQ3 100 to the IQ4 150 for 2 reasons - the BSI and the frame averaging. The improved noise performance was a bonus. The pixel count did not matter. If the IQ5 will have a 3:2 aspect, it would definitely be a big negative for me. However, it will probably take...
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    Where have they gone?

    It‘s a bit techie using Argyll -
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    Where have they gone?

    I use Torger’s guide for printer calibration. I haven’t seen one of the Titans - Dan Lindberg either for a while.
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    Artifacts in Phase One IQ260 Live View

    Yes, this is normall. In bright light, I use a variable ND to tame the artefacts. I never use live view on the xf, only with a cambo actus.
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    Phase one 645 df+ Autofocus mirror fell out

    With the back off and the mirror up, that secondary mirror should also be folded. It will be in the optical path when taking images. If you cannot return the camera for a refund, it would be cheaper to gat another used one, rather than get it repaired. Check I have used them over...
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    Schneider-Kreuznach APO-Digitar 35mm f/5.6 L-88° on GFX

    That was an interesting read! Thank you Rob! So, does this lens join the bang for buck list? Anwar
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    Print Fotos Typ of Paper Recommendation

    I’m guessing - if you convert the image to Lab, the luminosity is only in the L channel, effectively throwing away 2/3 of the data. Since you can transform back and forth between RGB and Lab, this seems correct.
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    More on Diffraction - Why is it There?

    @MGrayson - I enjoy your lectures! You have a knack for making unintuitive concepts intuitively easy to understand! Thank you for taking the time to do this! Anwar
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    Transport screw for Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro

    If I remember correctly, isn’t that screw moved to a different location under the scanner once it’s unlocked? In the worst case scenario, you should be able to get a similar screw. I can check the screw this weekend and let you know the dimensions.
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    ISO differences Phase One P45+ vs P45 / firmware / screen resolution

    I don’t know about the ISO performance, but the IQ backs will give you USB3 connectivity And a much better screen.
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    Magnetic Filter Systems and leaf shutters

    I have used my h&y magnetic grad filter kit with my mamiya RZ lenses, without any issues.
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    Techart TCX-01 EOS Adapter for X1D

    Dear @anyone, that does not compute!
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    Print not like screen

    Like Dave and Matt suggested, it would probably be best to test using a wide gamut paper, may be one of the Epson papers itself. That should help eliminate most of the uncertainties. You’re probably already aware, but if your screen is too bright, the print may look too dark. This is a good...
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    Print not like screen

    What do you select as the paper type on the printer? e.g my Epson P600 only lists Epson papers. If I use 3rd party papers with their profile, I have use the Epson profile they have recommended to allow the 3rd party supplied ICC profile to work correctly.