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    Third party lenses for X2D 100

    I got one of those early on before the Hasselblad XV was available. I removed the foot from mine and use a no-name 75mm tripod adapter ring with an Arca plate when I put it on a tripod.
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    Looking for some super telephoto help

    Now that I think about it, I believe Zeiss made a 1000mm f/11 mirror lens of the Rollei SL66. Never saw one in the flesh, though. I don't even know if they ever sold any.
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    Looking for some super telephoto help

    500mm f/8 "cats" were very popular for 35mm SLRs when I was getting into photography seriously in my early teens (I'm 67). There was a Soviet company that introduced a third-party mirror lens with adapters to fit pretty much all the major brands. Here's one...
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    Looking for some super telephoto help

    I like my 500 (which I used quite a bit with my 503CW). It's one of many reasons I wished Hasselblad had made a fully-functional VX adapter (i.e one wich could cock and trip the central shutter) for the X series cameras. Re: mirror lenses (catadoptric lenses). Obviously they're compact and...
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    Looking for some super telephoto help

    I've got the 500 Apotessar. I'd be careful about buying one that cheap unless I had a chance to examine it first. The fluorite element is prone to separation because its coefficient of thermal expansion is different from the glass elements in the group. Back in the 90's (IIRC) Zeiss made...
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    Looking for some super telephoto help

    Matt, define "work"? I haven't tried it (my only HC lens is an orange dot), but I thought everything worked except the autofocus with the older lenses and the X bodies. You're limited to 1/800, though.
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    Hasselblad XV Lens Adapter Questions

    Godfrey, I've heard the term "technical camera" used since I was a teenager to refer to a metal field camera, with a full set of front movements, but limited of no back movements (like a Linhof Technika), that can be used handheld. I'm 67, so the term is pretty old. ;-)
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    Hasselblad X2D and Leica S3 - Update 2: A difficult focus

    I don't think he meant to say they were. I think he meant "before I spend any more money on additional lenses, I'm going to have to spend money to get additional storage because the X2D files are so big".
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    Two Hasselblad Portrait Lenses at Infinity - now with a Leica Lens and a Tree

    Yeah, I was expecting it to be kinda soft and "painterly" until about f/4 or f/5.6. ;)
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    Two Hasselblad Portrait Lenses at Infinity - now with a Leica Lens and a Tree

    At the risk of dragging my day job into this: Don't forget the drastic drop in the cost of computation - especially for embarrassingly parallel problems like ray tracing. That fact has revolutionized lens design. In 1999 (the year the "new" Planar was designed), the fastest computer in the...
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    Two Hasselblad Portrait Lenses at Infinity - now with a Leica Lens and a Tree

    I'm gobsmacked by how good the Planar is. The "new" FE design is 23 years old and it still holds up quite well.
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    Hasselblad X2D coming soon to a divorce near you

    I'm probably going to spring for the 55 before the X2D - I really need to fill in the focal length gap between the 30 and the 90.
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    Can Anyone Explain Why Medium Format Film Cameras are going up in Price

    I'm not sure that film is going away. I don't know if this trend has continued, but Kodak reported that their film production doubled between 2015 and 2019:
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    You can have it all*: Hasselblad V lenses, leaf shutters, ALPA body, 151 MP IQ4 back

    This is wat the Hasselblad XV adapter should have been. :-(
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    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    Well, they've certainly been looking at image stabilization, haven't they?
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    New technical camera from Cambo

    Well, there goes my retirement fund ;-)
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    Hasselblad V-series focusing screens

    I had a Beattie screen a couple of decades ago and it was out of spec so I had to shim it to get proper focus, Replaced it with an Acute-Matte and it was a vast improvement.
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    Hasselblad V purchase... any later models to avoid?

    The Acute Matte and Acute Matte D screens are definitely better than the original ground glass in my view, so I'd be on the lookout for one of those. The screens in the 500C/M and later are user-replaceable, so you can always upgrade the screen later. The 100 is definitely sharper than the 80...
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    Felling of the Hasselblad XCD 21 on X1D vs the soulfeeling of the old Hassy SWC

    The *shutter* sound is identical, but the mighty KER-FLOP of the mirror is of course absent. The Biogon was an awesome lens.
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    Hasselblad V lenses on X1D II

    The Superachromat is a superb lens, but as John points out, you'll have to use the electronic shutter. The slow readout speed of the X1D sensor (roughly 1/3 second) means that you can experience distortion (the "Lartigue effect") from either camera *or* subject motion. I've used other V lenses...