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    Sony A99 Very Slow Reviewing Images

    The SD card is most likely the problem ... also try taking out the card you have in slot 2, as I've found the 2nd card can cause problems even if you're only using slot 1
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Really lovely Darr! The graphic quality of the processing is very special. (I thought TC == Technical Camera??)
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Haven't posted here for a very long time. Work consuming my life these days and photography taking a back seat! (Linhof Techno, full front tilt, SK120, ISO800+, Single lamp to the right and regular overhead house light)
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    Hasselblad X1D

    Thanks for this post Graham from a fellow M7II owner, I couldn't read the whole thread, so much of it is off topic, so glad you put that picture, which I spotted when scanning. Your sentiment is exactly what I was looking for. - Paul
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    Getting tired of Diglloyd

    I got tired of him pretty quickly many years ago when he slagged off the M9 and yet clearly didn't get what the M9 was, had no experience of hyperfocal focusing and other techniques used by Leica photographers, had no idea of how to use a rangefinder camera effectively and basically compared it...
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    Using the Alpa Max reversed?

    It's absolutely designed to be used any way you desire. If you buy short lenses you get other options to mount the adapters on the back or on the lens ... it's totally flexible.
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    Pentax 645D, or 645Z: CCD vs. CMOS

    You'll be switching from small format to medium format, that's more significant than you can imagine. Firstly the workflow is slower (studio still life should present little difference). DoF will wonderfully creative in some ways, but a royal PITA in others. One thing is that going for the...
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    Pentax 645D, or 645Z: CCD vs. CMOS

    I'll be contrary to other opinions here. I believe the differences between CMOS and CCD are there, but other things affect the image MUCH more, such as the filters used, and pixel site size. The whole optical pipeline is different when comparing say a D800 to anything else. Here are my...
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    X100 images thread...let's get this party started....

    I just picked up an X100S on a whim! I already love fuji's sensor and a big fan of their lenses. A Hotel ceiling with some interesting geometry and a shot across town to the port in Manila
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    Why Are Tech Cams So Expensive?

    Extremely high precision, specialised piece of equipment, built from high quality materials to be robust and durable. The lenses are absolute leading-edge designs, especially in wide-angles. People on this particular forum are discovering usability flaws in the real world the technology is...
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    Is this inspired by Leica or Sony?

    Urgent users beware: Too fast a shutter speed and it wont capture any movement. Wet bottoms beware: A large aperture leads to a shallow depth You've heard about underwater cameras, this is a water-under-camera *sigh* I obviously need to get out more p.s. Who was it who had the slogan...
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    M, R, and LTM lenses on the Sony A7/A7R

    That was the biggest disappointment in the D800, basically no innovation at all. Sony are pushing all the boundaries at so many levels. Innovations in focusing to putting silent controllers on the cameras for video to being a force in mirrorless cameras. Both Canon and Nikon are being left...
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    Leica MM

    Different horses for different courses, there's no right answer to 'best' ... now if you had asked what was the most special M ... then I would have to say the Monochrom.
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    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Cousin IT has a girlfriend!!!!
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    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    @chrism @element-m, thakyou for the kind comments! - Paul
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    Leica M3 for concerts

    I have an M6 classic with a 0.85x viewfinder, it does suffer viewfinder flare and especially noticable in dark environments with bright point lights. Lovely camera in everyway, but the flare gets you ever so occasionally. Would be good if you could try one first to see if it's frustrating or...
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    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    Fei Ngo Shan by Wentbackward, on Flickr
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    28cron asph hood options

    Without the hood you'll notice occasional drops in contrast, but the light has to be hitting the lens from I would estimate a 60 degree angle. Mostly you can put your hand there without getting it in the frame. More direct light doesn't seem too bad. I dropped my lens, the outer ring replaced...
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    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Lastly I was putting an MS Optical 50 f1.1 through it's paces. It has some problems, but in general is a gorgeous, loveable, little lens. All at f1.1: In HK it's traditional to lots of fruit and mooncakes during mid-autumn. Here's an accidental still life High contrast, bokeh and CA's...
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    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Mid-autumn festival (Harvest moon) we had a BBQ on the roof. A couple of interesting candids, all were either 3200 or 6400ISO! The high ISO performance is astonishing, this is much brighter than my eyes could see it. Interesting bokeh on the 35 Cron ASPH