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    Growing concern over availability of XCD (older style) and New V lenses

    We Hasselblad nerds always knew. On my wishlist!
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    New Sony sensor in Blackmagic Cine: 100 megapixel in 35mm full-frame; P1, Leica, Fuji next?

    exciting stuff! Even though I must say there are for my use case diminishing returns in getting more megapixels. 50mp BSI in fact would be good enough … but it’s nice to see new options!
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    Do you long to transition from MFD to LF?

    Do it! It sounds like a very good idea. I figure you are after the photographic experience, satisfaction, and aesthetic appearance shooting film. The details on the way (scanning setup) can be figured out. Even though I shoot primarily digital, I always enjoy taking out my large format cameras...
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    FS: Fuji GFX100s + 35-70 + Fringer EF-GFX adapter + …

    bump with new price: EUR 3.300 net to me.
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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    Hamburg Easter Bonfire Rolleiflex 3.5C, Tri-X 320, Scan with Flextight
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    Inkjet vs c-type prints in 2024

    Are you located in Europe? I'd worry sending my undeveloped work around the globe. As E6 is a standardized process, the development should (at least in theory) be the same everywhere. Of course there are some variables in it (i.e. how they treat your film, condition of the chemicals, ... ) but...
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    Inkjet vs c-type prints in 2024

    +1 for Grieger. They are top notch and work with you to get the most out of your source image, film or digital. I have some prints from them and sincerely enjoyed the process until the final image. As for C-Print: probably I'm socialized with and biased by the pictures shown in museums -...
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    Fun with MF images 2024

    Helsinki sightseeing 907x, CFV100c, XCD 90
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    203FE purchase advise

    If you want to use the fantastic lenses like the 110/2, you can also buy a relatively cheap 2000 body.
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    Intrepid making new lens with mech shutter

    The effort to develop a new shutter is nice. However, given the track record in terms of quality of the company alongside public statements that things don't need to last forever, let's see.
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    WTB: Cambo 48mm rear spacer

    Hi there, I am looking for a rear spacer for the WRS cameras. Thank you!
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    Promising new products for flocking and eliminating veiling glare.

    I chose the foil Fineshut SP which was labelled to be for use inside optical equipments - it's mentioned to be particle-free.
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    Promising new products for flocking and eliminating veiling glare.

    Just ordered 500mm x 1000mm of the 0.4mm sheet with thin tape. That is a lifetime supply, but shipping cost are more relevant than the material cost. Let's see how it performs! Internal flare is one of the biggest showstoppers when adapting tech cam glass.
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    Fun with MF images 2024

    Germany 907x, CFV100c, XCD45/4
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    FS: Linhof Techno [complete kit, EU]

    More pictures:
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    Where have they gone?

    I’d like to add torger to the list. His amazing insights led me into the tech cam world.
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Yes, -25 rear fall. Please note, I did not try to get the stripes visible through a lot of editing. It's more a real-world observation, based on one picture. It was this one: