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    WTB: Cambo 48mm rear spacer

    Sent you a PM.
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    FS: 2 Sinar P Lens Boards and 1 Sinar DB Lens Board

    Nobody interested?
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    FS: CAMBO WTS-891 Wide-T/S 90mm HR-Digaron-SW

    If you find someone who only wants the lens, I'm interested in the lenspanel with T/S. Located in Switzerland. Thanks,
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    Cambo WRE-2019 / Actar-19

    I also need the Nikkor version on a GFX 100s. The results are very good, although the Rodenstock 23 HR is still a class above. Focusing is a bit tedious and a lens hood or compendium is very important.
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Ah, ok thanks. So there are clearly problems, even with the Rodenstocks. So this back is of no interest to me for the time being. Maybe later on...
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Please excuse the interruption of the discussion, I am only interested in technical facts at the moment. Is there a problem using the new Hasselblad back with the Rodenstock 23mm and the 32mm? Based on this answer I can decide whether I should test the new back at all or not. Thanks,
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    Nikon buys RED

    Very interesting. Thanks.
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    Formal bag for MF gear I don't know if it fits in terms of style, but this bag convinced me. Visually simple and extremely fast and reliable in use. On the website they call it "The World's Fastest, Open-Layout Camera Bag System" and I have to confirm that I don't know of a faster and more...
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    Phase One XT 150mm HO-S SB Lens

    That's perfect, I used to have to take a Nikon with me to control the aperture of some Nikkor lenses with my IQ3100. Now I'm also buying an IQ4, so I can adjust all X-Shutter apertures in the future and use them with my Q3100....LOL
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    Phase One XT 150mm HO-S SB Lens

    As I mentioned at the beginning, a blue ring should be incorporated, I mean that seriously. The front element is surprisingly large for a lens with an aperture of 5.6. It is not at all reminiscent of a Schneider Kreuznach design that I am familiar with. Furthermore, I am once again struggling...
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    Phase One XT 150mm HO-S SB Lens

    I have just seen the announcement of a new XT lens. I would be interested to know who makes the glass for it. I'm sure the lens will be top quality. The front element seems to be quite large. At first glance, I'm missing a blue ring...
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    best affordable lenses for CFV 100c for tech cam use?

    It's best to start by deciding on a camera system that is suitable for wide-angle photography. With an Arca F-Classic it is difficult to exploit the potential of a wide-angle lens, even if it is the best and most expensive. It is extremely tedious to work with a view camera such as the Arca...
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    schneider apo digitar 72mm L vs apo digitar 90mm N + WRS vs WRS TS panels

    For me, the 72 L is a perfect lens for furniture and interior photography and I have made thousands of art reproductions with it. So far I haven't found a weakness, the lens always delivers the best results.
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    CFV100C on Technical Camera

    The weakness of the Schneider center filter was a recurring problem for me (and for some other photographers, by the way), so it's not rare at all. If it hasn't appeared for you, you either have other center filters or a different view of the images. "Super performance" is, of course, purely a...
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    CFV100C on Technical Camera

    Possibly, I don't know. Maybe it's also a coincidence that I've only seen this phenomenon with the Fuji GFX so far. I've never seen it with my Nikon Z7 either, but I usually work with it under different conditions.
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    Your favourite “bang for the buck” lenses

    No, it's also a very little bit vignetting at infinity. Only at infinity. But I don't use this lens at infinity. It's for people, it's to use wide open.
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    CFV100C on Technical Camera

    Red support writes: "Note that this is not just a RED camera issue but happens any other digital cameras that have a Low-Pass Filter or other structure in front of the sensor." Maybe the IQ3 100 and the IQ1 50 do not have those filters/structures in front of the sensor? I am neither a camera...
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    Your favourite “bang for the buck” lenses

    Sigma Art 40/1.4 on GFX 100s This lens is extremely sharp across the entire image, almost no CA, even from f/1.4! It plays in a different league to the Sigma 50 + 35 Art. Of course it vignettes on a medium format camera, but for photos with a wide open aperture I don't find this disturbing. If...