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    Schneider-Kreuznach APO-Digitar 35mm f/5.6 L-88° on GFX

    There are differences in appearance between L-88, L-102 and 24XL rear groups. It seems that the size differences between Schneider products are not uncommon. I have two Schneider filters of the same model, and their sizes differ by 2mm!This caused the cap of one of the filters to keep falling...
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    Schneider-Kreuznach APO-Digitar 35mm f/5.6 L-88° on GFX

    That two rear cells was inside rear group when you remove three screws and bring it out.I had an arca f-line and gfx100s before.I was researching how to slim down the rear of the 35xl to get more shift inside the gfx bayonet. The rear group core in my picture can be taken out by removing 3...
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    Schneider-Kreuznach APO-Digitar 35mm f/5.6 L-88° on GFX

    Yes, purple fringing. It seems like Schneider often makes small changes to the specs,I only found one comparison pic of L-88° & L-102° sold before.They are taken out of the rear assembly.
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    Schneider-Kreuznach APO-Digitar 35mm f/5.6 L-88° on GFX

    APO-Digitar 35mm f/5.6 L-88° is a bad old version of the 35xl! I verified it at the cost of money.Compared with the XL-102° version, it produces huge dispersion and purple fringing, and the clarity is significantly lower. From the appearance, the diameter of the XL-88° rear group is larger than...
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    Positive Feedback for akaru

    @akaru is a legit buyer and member of the forum. He recently acquired some of my SK gear. Good negotiation and smooth transaction.
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    Technical cameras – getting started. wide-angle lenses and color cast

    @daz7 Rodie 45mm,I had an experience using it. The distortion was obvious and the resolution was lower compared to the SK47.
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    Selling off my four ALPA gear,an extremely difficult set to find. More images to follow. PM for more info or more pics. ALPA ALPAGON 70/5.6 HR HPF SB17, $4800 ALPA super-digitar 28XL LB with Schneider CF, $9600 ALPA APO-HELVETAR 43XL LB with Schneider CF, sold ALPA APO-HELVETAR 60XL LB...
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    Removing IR-UV cut filter of the IQ3

    If you use it with an MF body like ALPA you may not be able to observe the change in focus, but if you use it with a DF or XF you are not so lucky.
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    The Fujinon GF Tilt Shift Lenses Are Finally Here!

    I find it especially noticeable with the ef11-24mm, that the f4 focuses very differently at the edges than in the center.
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    ALPA 6X9 film back which one is better?

    I read that ALPA used to have two types of 6X9 film backs, one from linhof and another one from mamiya RB67.They had the look shown in the picture. Which one is better?
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    live view on a CCD

    I have tried live view on IQ160 and CREDO60, but it is very slow and can only be used under indoor. Curious if frequent use of live-view on ccd will cause DB corruption? @dougpeterson
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    Lenses for Rolleiflex 6000 series -- operation question

    Please see here,
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    Lenses for Rolleiflex 6000 series -- operation question

    I haven't seen a hassy H lens was modified to MF. H lens haven't an aperture adjustment ring on the outside. If you want modified to MF, it needs to sent to somewhere who can modified like Cambo modified CONTAX645 35mm for Actus. I think the economic cost is too high.
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    Lenses for Rolleiflex 6000 series -- operation question

    They are essentially electronically controlled Central ShutterS, similar to Hasselblad H lenses.But the Rollei 6000 lens can be easily modified to manually control the aperture and be used outside the rollei body.
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    phase one XC…
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    Phase One XF Try out

    I heard from somewhere that someone is developing film back for xf,but no more details. I think it will makes XF even more valuable.
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    Positive feedback for gregabell

    I bought p1 back from @gregabell,back was in nice condition, I would buy from him again. Thank you so much Greg.