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    The great tripod & head thread!

    Ries tripods are fantastic, and look so classic; also solid as a rock. The only problem is that they are so darn heavy!! I tested my Gitzo carbon fiber against my Ries and saw no difference in stability with medium format cameras. It might however be a different story for large format cameras .
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    Little review of Apo Digitar 5,6/100 mm

    I second the vote for the Rodenstock 135mm lens; it does a great job on my Cambo- with shifts. It is a lens that is not talked about much on forums, but a bit of a sleeper lens.
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    Little review of Apo Digitar 5,6/100 mm

    Hey Dave, Just curious- what is this location? It looks like a beautiful place. John
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    The Phase One XC 23 - Now a Stand Alone Camera Body and Lens..

    This makes sense if you wanted to obtain the 23mm HR lens for your system- and keep it on the camera as a separate extra body. I know the 23mm barely covers the larger Phase chip so no real movement are necessary- or possible anyway. One question though; is the 23mm lens covering the whole...
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    schneider apo digitar 72mm L vs apo digitar 90mm N + WRS vs WRS TS panels

    If you have a 55mm lens already I would say the 72mm lens is too close to the same focal length- you would be better serves with the 90mm lens.
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    Share your Tree Photos

    That looks like one super wide angle lens!
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    Small travel field ladder?

    What a great image! In his basic photo series Ansel talks about many images that required a higher point of view- that would not have worked from ground level. One was the Mount Williamson photo, another the 'Church and Road' -Bodega, California - which required a higher point of view to look...
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    Small travel field ladder?

    An interesting question; my Gitzo XLS tripod extends to about 8 feet in height. and add another 6 inches for the Phase camera body. In landscaping photos I sometimes find that having all the height can be a real advantage for some photos. Question is, what can you use in the field to stand on to...
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    Rodenstock 138mm HR Digaron-Float - Beauty Shots

    Steve, Did you ever get the chance to test the 138 lens against the 180mm? The reason I ask is that the 180mm would be a better focal length in my lens progression- unless the 138mm is far better and could be cropped/enlarged to match the 138 without any loss of detail. Thanks, John
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    iq4150 trade for iq4150 achromatic?

    Smart, How is the full spectrum GFX? I was debating having mine converted- does it allow for some infrared or partial spectrum shots? Would you have any examples to share?
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    Please help convince me to keep my IQ4150...or not

    It is true that the Fuji cameras will do a lot that Phase can do, but I have to say the Frame Averaging tool you have in the Phase camera system is pretty amazing. Also the Dual Exposure is a great tool.
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    Protection for IQ4 backs (rubber band, screen protector, etc.)

    My question for the group; is a screen protector really necessary? I have gone for years without one- not sure if I should add one to my screen- it seems pretty rugged. The Op Tech hood is a good idea when carrying the camera in the backpack since it gets jostled around.
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    Power hungry IQ4, power back up alternative

    On the Capture Integration web site there is an article by Dave Gallagher back in 2019 about a portable battery pack : "Phase One IQ4 USB C Charging in the Field". It is a portable Power battery pack small enough to carry in the field that plugs into the digital back. I own one and use it for...
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    Leveling base with Arca Cube?

    One thing I would add- I used the Gitzo leveling base for many years, but started to find it was at times easy to loosen- a bit clunky. I purchased their newer leveling base this year- it is more ergonomic and seems to work much better. If you are using a Gitzo tripod it is worth a try. I...
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    Rodenstock 20 Percent Price Increase from 1st March

    My biggest concern is that these companies, especially Rodenstock, Phase, and Hasselblad will have smaller and smaller margins, sell fewer products at increasing cost, and become economically insolvent. We need these companies to continue to produce the products we need- think of how the film...
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    Arca-Swiss Cube, which version?

    Can you elaborate on how the geared pan mechanism works? How is it better than the older model?