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  1. KC_2020

    Arca Swiss Has a Website!

    Oh but you tease. None of the used equipment you have is on the new template built Shopify site web site that your wife built.
  2. KC_2020

    Hasselblad XCD 28P

    Oh come on you guys ! Enough with the teasing. Somebody post some captures ! :oops:
  3. KC_2020

    fat pixel digital backs

    You can download Phocus directly from Hasselblad.
  4. KC_2020

    Hasselblad XCD 28P

    So you're validating my point. Thank you :D I have the 21 and as Grayson mentioned the MTF looks very much like the MTF of the 28 and it never disappoints. But then I don't buy any lens based on numbers or MTF. I expect the 28 will be a great lens and its size a real benefit.
  5. KC_2020

    Hasselblad XCD 28P

    What are the odds that they're releasing an optically poor lens ?
  6. KC_2020

    Evelyn Hofer: view camera

    The standard lens on her Linhof Master Technica was a 150mm. Her street photos all have a very normal perspective and that's what a 150mm gives you.
  7. KC_2020

    Any Hasselblad users just use Phocus and nothing else?

    So why not download the trial versions of all the apps you're considering and do your B&W conversion in each ? Affinity has a trial, Adobe offers trials and Phocus is free. See for yourself. Personally I would use Phocus to convert my HB raw files no matter where I intend to take them for...
  8. KC_2020

    Any Hasselblad users just use Phocus and nothing else?

    I'm in the camp that believe you want to use Phocus to at least do the initial raw conversion. Their color science is not duplicated in any other application. If you want the option to do additional work on your images another consideration is Affinity Photo. It's very powerful, in some ways...
  9. KC_2020

    Fujifilm 8mm f3.5

    Here's a brief but useful comparison to Fuji's short XF zooms by Gordon Lang. I love ultra-wides and this lens looks sweet !
  10. KC_2020

    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    Nice shot ! Those Minolta film backs are pretty rare. I've never seen one. :oops:
  11. KC_2020

    fat pixel digital backs

    Nice image ! And 22mp is more than enough for a billboard.
  12. KC_2020

    Hasselblad discontinues the H?

    It's only worse when Leica is part of the debate. And to call it tiring is being kind.
  13. KC_2020

    6x7 Film Holder with Arca Swiss 6x9

    The N is on the adapter, for film or a digital back. The film backs that Rod lists above will work on the old style film adapter or the N, current version. What Abruzzi meant is you can't use the N ground glass and a non N film adapter because the film plane will not be where you focused on the...
  14. KC_2020

    6x7 Film Holder with Arca Swiss 6x9

    Well there's your answer for buying current the current AS adapter. It's nice of Rod to provide the info.. He's helped me out a couple of times. This is the vintage model that came on the 6X9 F C I bought in 1983. It fits perfectly on my F Classic, the current camera, as well. Of course it can...
  15. KC_2020

    6x7 Film Holder with Arca Swiss 6x9

    I have the correct grafloc film adapter that I've used with 6X9/6X7 roll film backs for years. I'll take a couple of quick shots of it and upload them later today. FWIW I use the current N adapter for my CFV II and it fits perfectly. The grafloc film back adapter I bought 30+ years ago.
  16. KC_2020

    Arca-Swiss F-universalis system

    The universals is an F line camera. You can compare all the F-line cameras here.
  17. KC_2020

    Pentax 645z and profoto strobes

    Which Profoto strobes are you asking about and do they have HSS mode ? Have you asked other 645Z owners ?
  18. KC_2020

    DIY ground glass mask, advice please

    I worked with an Arca Swiss 6X9 in the studio for decades and simply used a clear piece of acetate marked with a sharpie and taped to the ground glass to give me the formats. You can also buy a replacement ground glass with the format indicators.
  19. KC_2020

    has anyone tried the Hasselblad CFV II 50c with tech camera?

    This seems like a good place to ask a related question. The Hasselblad flash sync cables that came with my 907X CFV II have 3 conductors on the mini-plug end, 2.5mm I believe. With an audio cable this is referred to as tip, ring and sleeve. So where can I purchase a backup set of these ? Or...
  20. KC_2020

    Medium Format and Coffee

    I cannot vouch all of the recommendations below though I have been to Taproom Coffee which is near Kirkwood. They offer quality coffee and craft beer. So depending on your needs and the time of day you might find it enjoyable. I did. The 16 Best Coffee Shops In Atlanta In 2023