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  1. weldonbrewster

    Fun with MF images 2023

    Wow!! That is beautiful!!
  2. weldonbrewster

    Petapixel: Phase One XC Review: A Camera in Search of a Photographer

    I went to a P1 demo of the XC at Samy's. It's tiny, basically the back and lens with a handle. The shutter button is in an awkward place. Not sure what the use case would be for it. The XT is plenty small with movements, interchangeable lenses, better shutter button and rotates from...
  3. weldonbrewster

    Traveling to Iceland

    I use Ruggard Desiccant Silica Gel Packs for the camera bag to help with the moisture. Think Tank Photo Rain Cover to keep off snow (it's got plenty of room to operate camera.) Most people would think this is unnecessary but I wrap all seams and ports on my digital back with paper tape when...
  4. weldonbrewster

    Free Arca Swiss Stuff

    DM sent. Glad to find it a good home.
  5. weldonbrewster

    Free Arca Swiss Stuff

    No, the 6x9 film back is like the graflok Mamiya RB.
  6. weldonbrewster

    Free Arca Swiss Stuff

    I have an Arca Swiss M-Two camera that I've collected various bit and bobs for over the years. I've got a few things that don't fit my Arca Swiss M-Two (they are for an older Arca Swiss camera.) Whoever wants them can have them for free plus shipping cost. I'm trying to clean out my cupboards...
  7. weldonbrewster

    MPB Used P1 DB Purchasing Price List

    As someone that has bought six different Phase One backs from Steve I can not stress enough how important that support is. To be on set with dozens of people and know that help is just a call away is invaluable. I've also been out by myself and texted Steve, "Hey, I just got hit by a rogue...
  8. weldonbrewster

    Tripod recommendation

    I have both the RRS TVC 34 w/ D4 and 34L w/ Cube. At 5'10" the TVC 34 w/ D4 is a perfect height. Bonus if you take off the top mounting plate of the TVC 34 it exactly fits in an international carry on suitcase. I also use mine with a 75mm bowl and Sachtler FSB 8 head. Works great.
  9. weldonbrewster

    IQ4 Achromatic - Nighttime Filter Comparison (IR; UV+IR cut)

    Chris Snipes has a great article on the different filters for an Achromatic back.
  10. weldonbrewster

    Copal 0 servicing

    I've heard good things about Flutot's Camera Repair unfortunately their backlog is huge. SK Grimes doesn't do shutter repair anymore (they have fantastic machinists though.) I've used Bob over at Precision Camera Works to repair a Copal 0 shutter and he's great...
  11. weldonbrewster

    Oregon Coast and your MF camera choice?

    You don't need a 150/300 for Thor's Well, most people just walk right up to it. You need an incoming high tide. Morning is preferable for less crowds, afternoon has better light. Highly recommend staying in Yachats and dinner or a beer at the Drift Inn (they have live music most nights.)...
  12. weldonbrewster

    C1 for iPad announces tethering for all currently supported cameras (EXCEPT PHASE ONE)

    I hope they got rid of the silly "bespoke photography" thing on the new website. I also hope it's not something more ominous. Axcel has a track record of cashing out their investments after 3 years. Check out graphic from the Axcel V fund. Also,
  13. weldonbrewster

    Technical Camera Images

    Great photos Warren. I took Nick's class a number of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. He's a super nice guy and a huge wealth of knowledge on architectural photography. Funny story, the workshop assistant for your workshop accidentally sent me the Friday night dinner order. Somehow I got...
  14. weldonbrewster

    Using an IQ4? What's your system?

    I can't believe that they are refurbished now. Kinda makes you wonder on build quality. I had to wait two and half months for mine
  15. weldonbrewster

    Using an IQ4? What's your system?

    I don't think the Ultra processor is necessary for still files. I did an informal test regenerating previews of 1500 IQ4150 Achromatic images vs exporting 2tb of Freefly Wave files at 420fps. C1 definitely does not use all the computing power available to it. Maybe this changes in the future...
  16. weldonbrewster

    Which telephoto focal length / lens as companion to 32mm on tech cam for landscapes?

    Another vote for the 70HR. It's a crazy sharp little lens. I have the 32mm/50mm/70mm for the XT. I've thought about adding something longer but the depth of field is already pretty shallow with the 70mm.
  17. weldonbrewster

    Using an IQ4? What's your system?

    I got a Mac Studio Ultra with 128GB Ram, 20 Core CPU with 64 Core GPU and 4TB internal for some video work I'm doing. Not sure C1 is optimized for all those cores but it screams thru the IQ4150 files.
  18. weldonbrewster

    Today is the day ... Capture One 22 !!!

    No worries, that drove me crazy for months until I figured it out.
  19. weldonbrewster

    Today is the day ... Capture One 22 !!!

    This drove me nuts too. There is a fix. On adjustment tab click three dots, then click auto select, then select plain adjusted not adjusted except composition. See attached.
  20. weldonbrewster

    How about some portraits

    Part of a portrait series of construction workers I've been doing lately. Phase One XF, IQ4150, BR 80mm, f10 1/40th and Profoto B10 Plus