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    WTB: Cambo SLW-80

    In case anyone has a spare Cambo SLW-80 adapter to host a digital back with a Hasselblad-V interface. Please let me know. Thank you
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    WTB: Schneider Super-Symmar XL 110/5.6

    Looking for the Schneider 110mm f/5.6 Super-Symmar XL Lens. Anyone wanting to sell one please let me know. Thanks
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    WTB:Schneider Center Filter IVb 95mm for 72XL lens

    Looking for the Schneider Center Filter IVb 95mm for 72XL lens. Thanks
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    Questions for Cambo Actus owners

    Wow! I really admire your tenacity to work things out and get your desired result. I had a much simpler solution in mind...really not sure if it can work that way. I will definitely check out the other thread. Thanks once again.
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    New Digital Back for Cambo Actus G?

    Hi Steve, I did have a similar intention of using the Sigma FP-L as a digital back on the actus or on the Cambo WRS(still wondering how I can get a panel to mount the FPL) - the banding/rolling shutter effect due to it only having the electronic shutter and also the slow flash sync speed are the...
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    Questions for Cambo Actus owners

    Thank you for such a detailed explanation. I was thinking about the key point here of keeping the new aluminium angle parallel to the sensor. Amazed at your perseverance and versatility. I doubt I will go down that route, however will definitely explore the miil option. I also have a Cambo WRS...
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    Questions for Cambo Actus owners

    Thank you Audii-Dudii, so you have replaced the front standard with an L-plate? sorry can I bother you for a bit more detail? Thanks
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    Questions for Cambo Actus owners

    I have the same issue with my actus -keeping the front standard square to the back. Infact I hardly use the movements available on. The front standard and would be more than happy to have to completely locked up- however with that not being possible there is always a slight creep which affects...
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    WTB Schneider Super Digitar 28mm 5.6 XL

    Agree with Peter the lens doesn’t work on the IQ-150, I too tried in various conditions and wanted the lens to work so badly however color cast is way too much even with LCC corrections it wasn’t up to the mark and corners are soft...
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    WTB: Cambo WRE-CA

    Anyone looking to let go of the Cambo WRE-CA i.e. the Cambo WRS Adapting Lenspanel for Canon-EF Lenses, please let me know. Thanks
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    PC NIKKOR 19mm f/4E ED

    Hi Brian, I know its a rather old thread- Have you been using the 19PCE satisfactorily for your architecture shoot? I have the canon 17mm & 24TSE and am tempted to get this new Nikon PCE. Also, what is the lens shade that you are using with both the Schneider and Nikon lens? Thank you and...
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    New Cambo Actus dedicated for the Fuji GFX.

    That is so disappointing- Why do you say so? Have you tried it? Thanks
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    Canon 5Ds/5DsR

    The fact that people here are even comparing this new release by Canon to MF systems that are so far apart when it comes to costs, size and ease of operations is a huge complement to where 35mm camera tech has gone. I am so eagerly looking forward to getting my hands on the 5DSr.
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    Led light cube

    I have been following this campaign on Indiegogo Not sure how many here have noticed this, I am curious to know how useful would these compact light cubes be for shooting architectural interiors? I love the fact they are portable, can go into all corners, off cam trigger, the battery PAC is...
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    Technical Camera Images

    was a CF used for this shot? thanks
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    FS: Cambo WRS-4000 Anniversary Edition Technical Camera Kit

    Joe, if you ever think of splitting this up I would be interested in the 28mm. Thanks, Harshan
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    looks similar in function to to new Cambo RS6000 that i am so keenly looking forward too..
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    New Cambo Products

    Hi Lance or Doug, any indication when the Cambo RS6000 will be out? Thanks, Harshan
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    Cambo RS6000

    And now I see this Silvestri ::: NEWS ::: Glad to see camera manufacturers actually putting in time and effort for such a niche group of photographers... I suppose no open has had experience on either of these camera yet..except those who were at photokina...
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    Cambo RS6000

    Cambo introduce the ‘new’ RS6000 camera system at Photokina 2012 | Cambo UK I suppose with this version of the cambo rs6000 now we can forget about a sliding back for the regular WRS. I suppose this is a different system altogether and the sliding assembly will not work on the Cambo RS? Anyone...