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    Do you long to transition from MFD to LF?

    I too long for the analog experience, and love film, but with too much going on, the hassles of film just don't work for me. That may change, but for now, I like using a digital back on an older view camera - such as a TK23. Get all the analog fun, and use of cheap LF lenses (with good quality...
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    Growing concern over availability of XCD (older style) and New V lenses

    A very good and warm, heartfelt story. Thank you. And to the broader community - a few more of these more positive outlooks please!
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    Growing concern over availability of XCD (older style) and New V lenses

    Paul - please, please, give it a rest. You've made your point, many times. We get it. Can we please move on? Thank you.
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    Photographing in visually complex places.

    The questions are solid but my process doesn’t quite fit. Often go out with an idea and approach, but then while shooting, something triggers the imagination to a different approach. Upon returning home and processing, shots are subject to the questions, and those that pass are typically the...
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    Please advise the esteemed forum members which technical camera system I should invest in for landscape photography

    One thought - when first getting into tech cameras, I was convinced for the need of shifting in both vertical and horizontal. No doubt about it. Worked with the Cambo, a perfectly lovely camera, but we never became good friends. Got into the STC, and find (like Dave) it fulfills most all needs -...
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    Growing concern over availability of XCD (older style) and New V lenses

    Smacks of young MBAs trying to show how smart they are: optimize quick growth of profits now and tomorrow doesn’t matter.
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    Little review of Apo Digitar 5,6/100 mm

    Can't recall - either 15 or 20mm...
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    Little review of Apo Digitar 5,6/100 mm

    100 Digitar against the 120 ASPH. The overall view is with 100mm, stitched 9 shots, although foreground is cropped out. The other is both lenses at full crop, the 120mm a bit sharper, although the 100mm is much more compact. Maybe not at the 120mm level, but plenty good.
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    With caution, here are a thoughts on this thread and controversy. Stepping back, one question to be asked is: "is this a little problem or a big problem?" It seems the differing conclusions come from very different perspectives. Initially, it wasn't clear this was a big problem - some have...
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Can we call this a wrap, please?
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    Hello again - Boulder, Co

    Funny about that. My version was from about 15 years ago, with a short jaunt up a small hill at about 12,000' carrying a Hy6 and no other provisions (no water, no coat, no food), as I was on vacation from my very preparation-conscious wife, and therefore basking in willful freedom. Everyone...
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    YT: Hasselblad 907x & CFV 100c - A journey with Ian Atkinson on location with Technical cameras

    Ian - Welcome to the forum, and thank you for sharing your thoughts. We try to maintain a friendly disposition here, and hopefully that will continue sorting through this issue. Several people have found banding, so something going on... Can you clarify what you mean by maximum movements...
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    Traveling the south of the US on two-lane highways and country roads

    Totally missed this. Wonderful work - well done. Captured many things about the American landscape with lovely balance. Glad to have seen this all!
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    YT: Hasselblad 907x & CFV 100c - A journey with Ian Atkinson on location with Technical cameras

    They are promotional, and enjoyable. My understanding from Paula at Linhof Studio was that she had just become aware of the banding problem and was in touch with Hassy about it. Not likely they were aware of it when the video was made.
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    Fun with MF images 2024

    wintry day... X + 45P. Love that texture.
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Do I have this right: we are talking about the 35mmxl on the 100C back at exteme shifts. What happens if we give up the extreme shifts, and stay more reasonably at 15 or even 10mm? Still lines? If not, then it seems its an extreme case, not the norm?
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    best affordable lenses for CFV 100c for tech cam use?

    There is a huge gap between "the really best stuff" and "good enough". If we focus just at the "good enough" as less expensive and findable, things like the Rodie 45mm or the Schneider 47mm (43 is better, but harder to find) can be quite usable. The last bit of perfection can be very costly...
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    Question: use of 24 HCD lens on X2D with 0,8 Hasselblad adapter

    The CV 15mm v.III on X2D - works pretty darn well (especially for the price!). Shot at f11, two crops, first closer to square at 9165 x 8411, second is rectangular, 10878 x 6458. Last is full size, near upper right. crop - its crisp, although forum compression doesn't help....
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    Your favourite “bang for the buck” lenses

    Have had good luck with Caltar II 75mm f6.8. Surprisingly capable.
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    Using CFV 100 handheld

    Have had good experience handholding the 907/50C II with 45 or 65mm lenses . Very capable in museum context to capture art work. Oddly (and against common logic), have even used electronic shutter sometimes for quiet. Not all shots are keepers, but typically taking two quick ones gets one good...