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  1. jerome_m

    Reasons for MF in 2021

    If I may extend the question a little bit... It is not just about MF versus full-frame camera. Photography is supposed to be a creative process, meaning we, as photographers, are supposed to use these little machines to bring something interesting within the constraints of a frame and exposure...
  2. jerome_m

    Digital back servicing

    I remember having read a few years ago that the calibration can be done online: you send a picture to Hasselblad, they send you a new calibration file to upload to your camera. It may be worth asking around.
  3. jerome_m

    Photo permits in Europe/ Italy and fine art print commercialization

    This wikipedia article is a summary about photography of public places: This one is about people (also in public places): Since you asked about Italy...
  4. jerome_m

    Are any of the hasselblad H lenses “bad”? Or hc 35mm review?

    I like the HC 35mm. The reviews are poor, because it lacks a bit of contrast full open, which is of little consequence in practice (just close the aperture and contrast improves). OTOH, it has nice bokeh and for me that is more important. The HCD28 has higher contrast, but will not cover a film...
  5. jerome_m

    How Can We Help GetDPI Stay Alive

    I had not realised how much work was necessary behind the scenes and I thank you for having done it all these years.
  6. jerome_m

    Picture or Die

    Re: Picture and Die
  7. jerome_m

    Hasselblad X1D and DSLR alternative

    The colours from Hasselblad are pretty unique, actually...
  8. jerome_m

    Hasselblad Teaser and Upcoming Announcement

    There are plenty of things we may want, but the engineer cannot build. I would say that IBIS in a X1D form factor is one of them. I would also say that this forum demographics aren't probably representative of the market for the X1D. The camera was marketed as a luxury product. For that market...
  9. jerome_m

    Hasselblad Teaser and Upcoming Announcement

    IBIS is likely to stay a Fuji exclusive at the moment. Hasselblad competes on the form factor.
  10. jerome_m

    Hasselblad Teaser and Upcoming Announcement

    A MK2 with 100Mp and better AF is likely, as the 100 Mp chip is available and does on chip phase AF. As to the price, Hasselblad sees themselves more in the luxury segment than Fuji does, so is likely to be more expensive.
  11. jerome_m

    Infrared lighting gear

    Do they look different in IR and in the visible? I mean, if the background is black, the plant will look lighter gray in any case, wouldn't it?
  12. jerome_m

    Infrared lighting gear

    If your project involves photography of plants and you expect foliage to be white, using IR lights may not do the trick. Plants emit IR because of chlorophyll fluorescence. That is: they absorb visible light (mostly red) and re-emit IR. The energy difference between the wavelengths absorbed and...
  13. jerome_m

    Tether H4D to ipad

    Not really. What you can do is tether the H4D to a computer running phocus and use the Hasselblad app to display the files on the iPad via wifi. That is mainly used by people working in a studio and lending the iPad to the customer.
  14. jerome_m

    Photo editing with iPad Pro

    Apple announced that the next iPad OS version will support external storage attached via USB.
  15. jerome_m

    Low Profile/Anonymous Luggage or Bag Recommendations

    That may not be the best choice for a backpack, but for shoulder bags you can buy inserts. They are a sort of semi-rigid structure with movable partitions for photographic gear. Pretty cheap, too. I put one of these in a shoulder bag which does not scream "gear bag".
  16. jerome_m

    Flippy screen, a Canon patent

    There are hundreds of patents about articulated screens by several manufacturers. That particular one, which is not about the articulated screen but about changing its orientation, is not likely to make a difference.
  17. jerome_m

    iPad Pro _ Hasselblad

    My understanding of the situation differs on several levels. First: Android. The security model is quite similar. Each app is sandboxed and can only access its files. System files and libraries are not normally accessible to the end user. USB mass storage can only be accessed by special apps...
  18. jerome_m

    iPad Pro _ Hasselblad

    Since the same data can be accessed wirelessly, I don't see how doing exactly the same thing via a wired connection would be less secure. I have an Android device. Viruses or lack of them has nothing to do with my preference for iOS. Besides, it is not the access of connected USB mass storage...
  19. jerome_m

    iPad Pro _ Hasselblad

    One can access a mass storage device connected via USB on Android devices which are "mobile" devices as well.
  20. jerome_m

    iPad Pro _ Hasselblad

    The iPad hardware is brilliant, no doubt about that. The software for it compares favourably to the best of what is available on desktops. It is just that Apple put some little restrictions on their part of the software which are so frustrating... It seems that they are set up to force users to...