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  1. ptomsu

    Coming back to Leica

    Don, wish you really the best for that and I am sure you will go on that trip in Sept with your Leica(s) and be completely recovered! We need you as Leica photographer, so there are no excuses ;):cool:(y) All the best Peter
  2. ptomsu

    Leica SL3

    I still think that the SL3 would be a nice next step for my photography and a bit video work. Still hoping to get some nice package offers in a year or so ....
  3. ptomsu

    Nikon's new all-round travel lens?

    I had the Z 24-200 on my Z7II and I loved that lens. Light, relatively small, superb optical quality for such an all purposes lens .... I was more than happy. The 28-400 falls in the same concept, it only is not as small as the 24-200, but on the other side you get that extra reach. WRT the...
  4. ptomsu

    The Leica Picture Thread

    Naples Leica SL2-S with Apo-Summicron-M 1:2/75 ASPH
  5. ptomsu

    Leica SL3

    As I said my SL2-S just works fine for me, so if any SL3 price reductions or bundles start happening in a year from now this is perfectly fine for me!
  6. ptomsu

    Leica SL3

    I held the SL3 in hand yesterday for the first time in the Leica Store Vienna and could give it some try. To put my post in relation I want to mention that currently I am shooting the SL2-S and enjoy this camera very much. I also should mention that I am primarily a photographer (90%) and the...
  7. ptomsu

    Leica SL3

    Pretty sure, they have done this always with the SL models!
  8. ptomsu

    Leica SL3

    I love my SL2-S and have already done lot of great shootings with it. I also love tho use it in combination with my M lenses, especially with a 1.4 35 ASPH and the 2 72 ASPH, what a great combo! What makes me so interested in the SL3 is mainly the smaller size and lower weight as this would...
  9. ptomsu

    Coming back to Leica

    All the best Don for your recovery! And I feel with you to have to simplify. Feel very similar and am happily shooting now some of my old Leica M lenses on my SL2-S, which is a great combo, albeit a bit heavy. Might one day add a M11 or M12 ... don't know yet! Again enjoy your new part of your...
  10. ptomsu

    OM-1 Mark II

    I do agree to most of what you are saying. But it gets even worse if you start comparing the OM-1 MarkII to FF cameras like the Lumix S5 Mark II which already is same price or cheaper than the G9 MarkII and this one is definitely a bargain against the OM-1 MII
  11. ptomsu

    OM-1 Mark II

    Ricardo, fine you agree that overall and for the specific area the OM-1 is intended (IMO mainly wildlife and some landscape) this camera seems to be a great thing! Thomas Eisl is an independent photographer from Vienna and I know he is NOT sponsored by Olympus aka OM System. He has a pretty...
  12. ptomsu

    OM-1 Mark II

    Well, you know it obviously better! In my eyes it is a great camera and I applaud OM System for this bold move to not implement a questionable newer sensor but improve on all fronts an existing product. How about seeing everything a bit more optimistic in the future, would that be not a great...
  13. ptomsu

    OM-1 Mark II

    With the exception of Thomas Eisl, who is by no means biased!
  14. ptomsu

    OM-1 Mark II

    Another glowing review of the OM-1 Mark II This camera and also this newly introduced 150-600 could make me get back into m43 again (y)(y)(y)
  15. ptomsu

    OM-1 Mark II

    Today the OM-1 Mark II was introduced. A really remarkable camera! View this excellent video from Thomas Eisl to really understand the many improvements to the OM-1 Mark I
  16. ptomsu

    Gone a bit m43rds

    Louis, congratulations on that purchase and I think you made a very good decision. The OM-1 is for sure one of the best wildlife cameras out today and I was pressed hard myself not to jump into m43 again mainly because I find it so attractive. Especially paired with that very performant but...
  17. ptomsu

    Favorite budget M-mount lens recs? ie < $500

    Look at some Voigtlaender glass, these are usually pretty good for a fraction of original Leica glass.
  18. ptomsu

    Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread

    great shot!
  19. ptomsu

    Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 DG DN OS Sports lens for Leica L Mount

    A fantastic new lens many have been waiting for
  20. ptomsu

    S5II/x, the replacement for S5, S1, S1R and S1H?

    Interesting that you are looking for a Canon R8 ... I recently became VERY interested in a Canon R6Mark2 because of its excellent features, AF, just enough resolution etc.