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    Is C1 21 not free for Phase One users ?

    Its convoluted and a pain but yes you register your back on the Phase One site and then generate a DB only license from that which is good for all version of C1. I prefer the old way where you just get it and launch in DB-only mode but for some reason they changed it with C1 20 to this new...
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    Hassy V lens on tech camera+DB. anyone?

    I have tried the 180 on a Cambo Actus with an IQ4 150. The resolution is excellent even with movements, the biggest weakness is CA which gets bad with high contrast edges but its mostly manageable in post. This was stopped down for landscape work.
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    Rodenstock 138mm Float

    Thanks for sharing victor. With the Cambo mount, what is the overall length of the lens?
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    Become a founding member of the ELEMENTS Magazine

    Done! What a wonderful set of photographers, looking forward to the first issue.
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    FS: Hasselblad XCD 135 + 1.7x TC + collar kit

    Bump for price drop
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    Looking for a Software to Help with Out Of Focus Images

    Give Topaz Sharpen AI a try. I've used it for this purpose and its worked well, but there are limits to what it can do.
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    FS: Hasselblad XCD 135 + 1.7x TC + collar kit

    Updated with embedded pictures
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    FS: Hasselblad XCD 135 + 1.7x TC + collar kit

    Bought from original owner about 6 months ago. I've used it only a couple of times, and while the lens is spectacular, I'm realizing that for telephoto I really want a zoom and so will be leaning on my 35mm kit for that (or until Hasselblad comes out with an XCD 75-150 :) ). Comes with all...
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    WTB: Fotodiox Hasselblad XCD extension tubes

    Ok, B&H says they will be available 9/29, ordered it, so worst case is that I wait until then.
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    WTB: Fotodiox Hasselblad XCD extension tubes

    Looks like Fotodiox makes extension tubes for XCD, but they are backordered everywhere (including at Fotodiox). Wondering if they were actually released and if anyone has any they want to sell.
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    Phaseone Blue ring lens and silver ring lens

    I think that for lenses with the same optical design like the 240 it’s more about the tighter tolerances with the blue ring version that reduces copy to copy variation. I’ve owned a great copy of the older 240 I bought and it was stellar, as stellar as the BR version I got a few years later. I...
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    FS: Hasselblad 45P (45 f/4)

    Price: $1150 Selling my like new 45P. Comes with box. Price includes shipping and fees. Local sale with cash is $1000. I bought this from the original owner and I've barely used it as I tend to use the 35-75 for my landscape work.
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    One camera, one prime lens

    Would a Leica Q2 count? It’s a single prime lens :)
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    Availability of 907X and CFV II Back

    I ordered mine from B&H on June 14th. They shipped it out on July 6th...
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    EOS R5 Announcement

    While the R5 may be catching up some to the competition and perhaps some of the features being touted as revolutionary have existed in other cameras, whats interesting is that by leveling those aspects of the playing field, its other aspects where the (hopefully) the Canon shines that then makes...
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    FS: Hasselblad XCD 30

    Bump for the 4th of July weekend...
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    FS: Phase One IQ4 150 (plus Alpa tech camera kit)

    This sale was withdrawn some time ago. Thanks.
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    WTB: Cambo Actus XCD / ACB-HA (Hasselblad V) lens plate

    B&H has a used one for $250 if you don't find a seller here.
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    FS: Hasselblad XCD 30

    Price: $2,900.00 In excellent condition, sharp edge to edge. Comes with original box and hood. In the pictures you'll see a dust smudge on the barrel, that was because my hands were dusty when handling and didn't notice until after I took the pictures. Its wiped off of course. Optics are clean...
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    CI Impressions of Phase One Dual Exposure + and New Firmware 7 for IQ4

    Its awesome to see Phase innovating and making the back better but this known issue: "ES exposures on Technical Camera can have a top band of digital vignetting" makes this a non-starter for me as all my images are shot on a tech camera with ES. Anyone else in the same boat? Really...