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    Canon dream lens for Sony.

    Thanks: I realised my mistake yesterday and posted there.
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    Mamiya RB67 outfit.

    FS Mamiya RB67 outfit comprising RB67 ProS body with Mamiya shoulder strap and WLF and two, 120 backs plus a polaroid back. 180mm/f4.5 Sekor C lens (excellent) and 90mm/f3.8 Sekor C lens (mint), both with front and rear caps and both round and square rubber hoods. Lunasix F light meter (mint)...
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    Mamiya 500/f8

    For sale Mamiya 645 500mm/f8 mirror lens in near mint condition. Comes with front and rear caps. Very rare in this condition. $475 obo. Robert, 405 707 0759
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    Canon 50.0/0.95

    I have decided to sell my beloved Canon 50mm ./ f0.95 "dream lens". Professionally converted to a Sony mount for use on my A7Rii, it is in near mint condition with front and rear caps and a screw in hood. I have had wonderful results with the Sony and with converter on Leica M9. I am looking for...
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    Hasselblad using Brit based in Oklahoma!
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    Canon dream lens for Sony.

    I have decided to sell my Canon 50mm /f0.95 "dream lens" which has been professionally converted to Sony mount. The lens is near mint, certainly the best I have ever seen. Comes with caps and hood. Absolutely beautiful output from my A7Rii. Open to any sensible offers. please feel free to call...