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    Best macro option for Nikon D850

    in copying some Velvia 120 diafilm the Tamron 90 (F017) clearly out resolved the Zeiss Milvus 100 f2 macro planar. The Zeiss though has some other high qualitys considering colour reproduction and bokeh. It was done with the Z7, with the annyoying behavier even on manual focus, but on a D850 it...
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    Best macro option for Nikon D850

    how about the ?
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    Fun with MF images 2021

    Dousbad Swamp, the Deergarden, north of Copenhagen Hasselblad X1D with XCD45P/4.0 at iso100 1/90 f8 Thorkil
  4. Dousbad Swamp X1D

    Dousbad Swamp X1D

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    Fun with Nikon Images 2021

    yes(y), me too, I've got two, and plan to sell the one, and a lot of other stuff, to save for my goal a 14-24S and a XCD 21, just that...(nothing more, never, ever...:rolleyes:)
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    Fun with Nikon Images 2021

    somehow the Df is still a number 1 camera, with its special laid back and exquisite drawing..(y)
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    Fun with MF images 2021

    .. Hasselblad X1D with 45P at iso800 1/180 f9.5 Thorkil
  8. Job_0284 1.jpg

    Job_0284 1.jpg

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    Thoughtful and deep-seated photographic quotes or citations

    😃...Nice to hear, Jørgen, that you was attracted to Denmark and Louisiana. I was in Norway too, but only visited the Munch Museum twice or perhaps three times, don't remember. ...and Besseggen, did you try that? I must admit I had too much fear to climb up to the top (and by the way drove at my...
  10. Oluf Høst Bognemark 3.jpg

    Oluf Høst Bognemark 3.jpg

  11. Oluf Høst Aften 1.jpg

    Oluf Høst Aften 1.jpg

  12. Høst 1.jpg

    Høst 1.jpg

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    Thoughtful and deep-seated photographic quotes or citations

    Hi Jørgen This was this exhibition you was thinking of, here are the posters from it :). Yes it was an immense exhibition. Since I was 17 I visited the Louisiana museum in Humlebäk, several time a week, was club-member. Living under uninspiring conditions by that time, it was an...
  14. Toulouse Lautrec Loisiana 1994-1995.jpg

    Toulouse Lautrec Loisiana 1994-1995.jpg

  15. Toulouse-Lautrec


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    FUN with Ricoh GR!!!

    Caprino - Veronese Thorkil
  17. Caprino - Veronese

    Caprino - Veronese

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    FUN with Ricoh GR!!!

    San Zeno di Montagna - Alexandro's Tabacchi - educated as cand. mag. in litterature - now with old book's for 1 Euro (I've encouraged him to raise the prices, but then the old lady's in the village wouln't buy them he claimed..) thorkil
  19. R0000255 3.jpg

    R0000255 3.jpg

  20. R0000254 4.jpg

    R0000254 4.jpg