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  1. MaxKißler

    P30+ Video Out?

    I understand you would prefer a Mamiya mount back but you should'nt rule out your P30+ just yet. The microlenses might cause color shifts and other issues on tech cams with short symmetrical lenses but the shortest FL on your GX680 is a 50mm retrofocus design (all longer FLs will definetely...
  2. MaxKißler

    How many camera "systems" do you maintain?

    Ok, here we go. :) 35mm: -Leica M9 / black -Leica M2 / in totally used condition, scratches and dents everywhere, the leather is almost completely gone -CV 15mm f/4,5 -CV 35mm f/2,5 -50mm Summicron II MF: -Hasselblad H2 -FilmBack -Phase One P30+ -HC 80mm Light: -Cononmark Ak4.0 -Broncolor...
  3. MaxKißler

    Regenerating your dead Hasselblad H battery grips

    Great info, thanks! Looks like these batteries have the chip that is also on the original cells already included. After I realized that I won't have any battery status with my solution I searched fo the exact same cells that were in the original grip. Turns out that they're quite commonly used...
  4. MaxKißler

    Regenerating your dead Hasselblad H battery grips

    It won't work since the battery is way too huge to fit into the original grip. It's both too thick and too tall. The part number "26650" means it's a large cell, the 14500 is the largest that still fits (keep in mind you need at least two cells).
  5. MaxKißler

    Regenerating your dead Hasselblad H battery grips

    Excuse me, I don't visit this forum as frequently as I once did. However, I forgot to mention that it's important that you remove the golden bolt that tells the camera how much charge is left in the battery. If you replace the original cells the way I did, the camera won't know that the battery...
  6. MaxKißler

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    It's been a while since my last post here but thought this was worth sharing. I went to Norway for a week with my gf and some friends. These are some of the keepers, all shot with the M9 and 50mm Cron II.
  7. MaxKißler

    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    This wasn't shot with a MF camera (obviously..) but since it's MF related I thought I'd post it here. Note the obligatory wire strap around the eyepiece... :facesmack:
  8. MaxKißler

    Sony's new sensors

    I doubt that this technology will find its way into the established camera systems be it MF or smaller formats. Mainly because the optics that were already developed prevent a sensible use of such a sensor. It could be interesting for completely new camera designs in a market segmant that...
  9. MaxKißler

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Leica M9 and CV 15mm
  10. MaxKißler

    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    A shoe for school. All with the H2, P30+ and 80mm
  11. MaxKißler

    Pentax 645Z - oh boy!

    I wonder if you have ever used the P1 system. What do you normally shoot that you come to such a conclusion? Btw, Capture One Pro supports almost any camera so there is no need to choose a camera because of software...
  12. MaxKißler

    Official MFD Owner - Hassy on the way!

    Hi Mario, "True Exposure" has nothing to do with priority modes. It's just a way the camera compensates for exposure inaccuracies that could occur, when shooting with a fast shutter speed and wide aperture. As far as I understood, the shutter blades need to travel a longer distance when the...
  13. MaxKißler

    I placed a deposit on an M9... Second thoughts

    Why is that?
  14. MaxKißler

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Thanks for the kind words Johnny.
  15. MaxKißler

    William Carr - Superb

    Thanks for posting this link. It's a nice way to show how you can destroy your credibility and possibly lose most self respect thanks to a mere 10min video. First the "epic" narration (more like epic fail) then the overly dramatic music, mantra like repetition of contradictory artsy bullcrap...
  16. MaxKißler

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Thanks, good to know.
  17. MaxKißler

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    I just finished scanning some old film from our last summer vacation to Denmark so this must count as fun with digital M images too. My neighbor was kind enough to lend me his M6 as I didn't own the M9 back then and I only had two lenses; 50mm Cron and CV 15mm. I shot T-Max 100 and 400 and some...
  18. MaxKißler

    Just asking why? ...

    The copy I tested is owned by my neighbor and this black 50mm pre asph Lux is in perfect condition. It looks like new and behaves just like the copy I tested (less thoroughly though) in my local Leica store. There are several reasons why I don't like this lens: -When the lens gets stopped down...
  19. MaxKißler

    I placed a deposit on an M9... Second thoughts

    I jumped into the cold water and got myself an M9 about half a year ago. So far I'm being very happy with it. Image quality is outstanding if you use the "right" lenses (the most expensive lenses are not necessarily the best ones in regards to IQ or "draw" but this is a very personal thing)...