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    WTB: Arca Swiss P0/P0+ Hybrid or D4 Tripod Heads

    Looking to buy a used Arca Swiss geared head. My budget is on the lower end so a P0 Hybrid would be great or a worn D4. Ok with cosmetic damage, just needs to function well. Box is nice but not necessary. Shipped to Los Angeless. Thanks, Andy
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    What do we want to see in the next generation of digital backs and MF cameras?

    I also find myself wanting different aspect ratio medium format cameras. Ideally a 6x6 and a 4x5 aspect ratio. Too bad it'll never happen anymore with an optical viewfinder, everything will be EVF by then.
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    WTB: Leica S L Bracket

    Much to my own surprise, I've found a good deal and bought an S007 instead. I am however still looking for AF replaced lenses, mostly the 30mm and 70mm, and an L bracket, RRS or Arca Swiss. Let me know if you are willing to sell. Thanks!
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    Fun with MF images 2023

    How has the 20-35 been? Seems like a great lens release by Fuji.
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    WTB: Leica S L Bracket

    Hey, I haven't found one yet, though I've slowed my search down a bit. I'm still interested, send me an email should be listed in the "About" section in my profile here. Thanks!
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    WTB: Leica S L Bracket

    Hi, I'm pretty new here so I can't send a private message. Shoot me an email, I wrote it under my profile. Thanks, Andy
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    WTB: Leica S L Bracket

    Hi, as I'm new here I'm unable to private message, I've sent you an email. Thanks, Andy
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    WTB: Leica S L Bracket

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    WTB: Leica S L Bracket

    Hi all, new here but been around mostly on Fred Miranda. I'm looking for a Leica S 006 with sensor replaced, and a lens to go with it, ideally the 30mm,70mm or 120mm non CS versions with AF motor replaced. Needs battery, charger and lens hood. Happy to buy body or lens individually. I've sold...