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  1. rayyen

    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    Finally, my wait come to an end. 907 work like magic, but I spent a weekend with the CVFII50C on my 501c, took me some time to figure out the connection. Seems hard to get capture right, not always a photo capture with my 501c. I also having trouble opening those files captured in Lightroom. I...
  2. rayyen

    Wtb: Iq260

    Hello, I've one for sale. Let's discuss via my email: [email protected]
  3. rayyen

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    A short visit to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with my M10P
  4. rayyen

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Hong Kong at dawn M10D & 28mm Summaron
  5. rayyen

    New Hasselblad Special Edition!!!

    I’m waiting for 907 too. I do landscape most of my time, so my 4116 serves me very well with all XCD lenses, recently I used a few times with xcd 135 & adaptor. But my favorite are 120, 90, 45 & 21. I order 907 because I miss the old days of using my 500 & old v lens for portrait. I love the...
  6. rayyen

    Hasselblad CFV ll 50c

    Thanks to all valuable sharing. My first digital back was P25+ and then P45+, IQ260, mostly on Alpa Max with Rodie HR lens. Before HB announce X1D, I even buy back a P25+ To use with my 500c with my favorite C100 & C250SA. I enjoy it very much until HB announce the X1D. I sold almost everything...
  7. rayyen

    Hasselblad CFV ll 50c

    I’ve been using my 4116 day one till now, I’m Loving it and have no plan to upgrade to X1D2. However, after a little struggle, I place an order to the CFV2 set last night. I miss my V system and I particularly fond of using my 100mm. But I’ve heard many say the old lens perform terribly on...
  8. rayyen

    Hasselblad CFV ll 50c

    Thx for your post, have you compare the xpan90 and the xcd90? I want to know the difference, if any? Ops, I’ve got same question & feedback when I read all the post above. Thanks everyone.
  9. rayyen

    Fun with the M 10

    I love 28mm
  10. rayyen

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Some of my monochrome works
  11. rayyen

    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    I've made a video with my monochrome first time recently during a holiday in Japan. Thanks for watching and comment. Love is in the Air @ Nagoya 2019 Leica Monochrom Dallmeyer Kinematograph
  12. rayyen

    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    B&W Easter Holiday Monochrom & 75mm Noctilux
  13. rayyen

    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    A black & white Sunday with Monochrom & Elcan 50mm
  14. rayyen

    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    A trip to South America with 4116
  15. rayyen

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Last one from my winter ski trip in Japan. By Leica M10P Safari & 90mm Elmarit ASPH
  16. rayyen

    Fun w/Digital M Images

    Winter ski holiday in Japan with Leica M10P Safari
  17. rayyen

    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    Weekend with Monochrom & 50mm Elcan Amazing little lens!
  18. rayyen

    X2D Thread

    Perhaps some of us get used or have an expectation with a hardware upgrade announcement every year, like when apple announcement has no surprise or without some new “revolutionary” product, we felt let down. I adopt x1d at early stage, many friends herein already share a lot positive...
  19. rayyen

    Leica M10-P

    Great review Jono! Looking forward to see more special version coming: M10P safari, M10P solid titan, but the most I want is M10P Monochrom 😝