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  1. kweide

    OM-D E-M5 Mark II Pre-Order

    Na, i we go for the E-M1 mk II :)
  2. kweide

    Panasonic 42.5mm f1.2 lens experiences?

    I took one into my bag, no, plugged it into my E-M1. WOW, that is a performer. It is a perfect addition to my 75mm f1.8 Zuiko.. For Bokeh Lovers its a must have lens.
  3. kweide

    Here i am ( semi NSFW )

    Here i am. Caught her arranging nylons... :) From my last Hotel Shooting with Sandra. Olympus E-M1 + M.Zuiko 12-40, noNR ISO 100 @ f4, 1/160 second, 32 mm focal length, single speed light
  4. kweide

    Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread

    From the land of fairies, elves and other mythical creatures ... We had fun, fun, fun. And i can still hear my whimpering Metz speed lights Olympus E-M1 + M.Zuiko 12-40, noNR ISO200 @ f4.5, 40 mm focal length, 1/160 second.
  5. kweide

    Black & White pics, show yours !!!

    My Open Heart From my last shooting with Sandra, the "Curvy Diva" Olympus E-M1 + M.Zuiko 12-40 f2.8, noNR ISO 100 @ f4, 1/250 second, 25 mm focal length
  6. kweide

    Marilyn, she is alive ... ( NSFW )

    Marilyn, she is alive. And here is the proof. What a wonderful shooting with this outstanding girl. Olympus EM-1 + M.Zuiko 12-40, noNR ISO 100 @ f4, 1/160 second, 24 mm focal length, single flash from above
  7. kweide

    Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread

    News from the Serail Jorgen, the jewelry are 2 € worth, so what ? :) But it feels good on the lucky side of life with a M. Zuiko 45 mm. It changes a lot Olympus EM-1 + M.Zuiko 45, noNR ISO100 @ f1.8, 1/250 second, 45 mm focal length
  8. kweide

    Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread

    A view from the Serail´s roof To be honest: It was a real fun shooting. We laughed a lot Olympus E-M1 + M.Zuiko 45, noNR ISO 100 @ f1.8, 1/250 second, 45 mm focal length
  9. kweide

    Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread

    Ah, Jorgen is back. Love the new pictures ...
  10. kweide

    The Serail .. an exciting adventure ( NSFW )

    I took my new toy, Fujifilm X-E2 + 35 mm f1.4 and brought it to the scene. It was just a few shots to get a bit warm with that new little gem. And i like it :) It made the shooting theme "The Serail ... " a bit more exciting...and a lot of extra fun Fuji X-E2 + XF 35 f1.4, no NR ISO200 @ f...
  11. kweide

    Fun with the Fuji X ___!

    I took the chance and added an Fuji X-E2 to my Oly stuff and i am really surprised on how good the results come out of tis little gem. 14 bit Raws ....first pictures later ...
  12. kweide

    Olympus Capture now available

    ... And the new Viewer 3 Vers. 1.4 + new camera updater is available as well.
  13. kweide

    Photographing your Bokeh

    It looks like you had a wonderful day :) Klaus
  14. kweide

    EM1 v2.0 firmware update

    ... Judt back home. Will do the update tomorrow...
  15. kweide

    Black & White pics, show yours !!!

    Dance the night away A stunning dance performance in the deep night, performed while a local party in the small village of Palma, Sicily. It was bad light, high speed dance movements but E-M1 caught the moments Olympus E-M1 + M.Zuiko 12-40 f2.8, noNR ISO3200 @ f2.8, 1/160 second, 40 mm focal...
  16. kweide

    Uwe Steinmuller has passed away

    Just came back from a long tour to Sicily and now i am shocked and down... My heart goes with his family...
  17. kweide

    Uwe Steinmueller

    Oh no, this is too sad .... Just came back from a long tour to Sicily, reading this info.
  18. kweide

    after all ( NSFW )

    Yes indeed. That was the intention and to keep it as simple as possible and to show that such effects are possible with cheap gear as well. I think, the key to such light/shadow effects are: power reduced lights large reflective umbrella, to get the wrap around light and the main point: avoid...
  19. kweide

    after all ( NSFW )

    Rob, this is a simple one speedlight setup. One single Metz 58 AF-1 pumping his light into the silver umbrella :). I placed the large silver umbrella in front of her . The umbrella is about 2 Meter in size und silver coated. The center was place a bit over her eyeline. The background was...
  20. kweide

    after all ( NSFW )

    What do you mean with "style" ? Is is a question for color versions or other ways of post processing or light setup ( which was very simple in this way ) ? Just give me a hint ?? Result With a little effort, the veil looks good. Olympus E-M1 + M.Zuiko 12-40 f2.8, noNR ISO100 @ f5, 1/200...