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    Leica S3 Trade In Program Details

    ALERT---Bad experience dealing with Leica Store Boston (owned by Leica). First-The store assistant general manager denies knowledge of the $4,000 rebate offered by Leica on my trade in of an S007 toward purchase of S3. When confronted by evidence-(Notice of Leica rebate...
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    WTB--Leica S 100mm f/2 lens.

    WTB--Leica S 100mm f/2 in superb condition, with current Leica autofocus motor. Charley [email protected]
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    WTB-Hasselblad H 300mm lens

    WTB--Hasselblad H 300mm lens in top condition. [email protected]
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    Eizo 30 inch monitor--CG303W with Hood

    Eizo 30 inch monitor--CG303W with Hood--Purchased 12/30/2016 from Chromix in Seattle, Washington for $4799. Perfect shape, low usage. $750--Prefer local pickup in NY Long Island area. [email protected] 516-680-7393
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    Raw software for Canon

    Need reccomendation for raw software. Using Canon 1DX Mark II. Canon tech support says will get best image quality from their Canon DPP.
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    Fun with Nikon Images

    Did you use a tripod? Love the shot.
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    Leica s-- 006

    Leica S-006------Brand New condition. Purchased 1/2015 from Leica Store-NY. Serial # 4810030--under 300 clicks. All cables, manuals,warranty cards, etc included. Includes Leica S Protection Plan--extends warranty to 1/2018. Purchased as boxed set with S Summicron 100 mm f/2. Has...
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    Epson Stylus Pro 9900

    Epson Stylus Pro 9900-BRAND NEW--Purchased 11/2013 --VIRGIN CONDITION -Inks never installed -In original Packaging-Includes 11- 110 ml ink cartridges supplied by Epson, all instruction manuals and accessories,etc. Has been sitting in my heated office. $2,750--Local Pickup only--Long Island...
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    Mr Gale--Having some trouble on site with returning your message re 11- 350 ml ink cartridges...

    Mr Gale--Having some trouble on site with returning your message re 11- 350 ml ink cartridges. If you can come up to $750 plus $20 shipping, we have a deal. My [email protected] Please call or text me---cell-516-680-7393---- Thanks---Charley
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    Epson stylus pro 9900

    Price includes set of 110 ml cartridges supplied by Epson with printer plus additional set of 11 -350 ml cartridges purchased at same time.:cool:
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    Epson stylus pro 9900

    Epson Stylus Pro 9900--BRAND NEW--NEVER CHARGED WITH INK----In original wrapping materials-with all inks in unsealed boxes, instruction manual and all original accessories. Purchased in November 2013 and has been sitting in my office unused. $2,750.---Local Pickup only--Long Island ,New...
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    LEICA S Case

    For Sale--Leica S case--Case S--Leica #16010--List price $749 plus tax and shipping; BRAND NEW-Never used-In original box and shipping carton.. $549 --plus shipping-Located in Long Island, NY [email protected]
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    Epson Stylus Pro 9900-In original packaging-- Virgin Condition--Never Used-Ink cartridges never installed--NY Long Island area--Local pick up only--$3300. [email protected]
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    Moving Sale--Epson Stylus Pro 9900- $2500--with almost full set of 11 large ink cartridges--hardly used, works flawlessly. Local pickup in Oyster Bay, Long Island area.Charley--516-277-1456, [email protected]
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    Manhattan Skyline / H4D60 - Top of the Empire State Buidling

    David-in the color shot--it seems like you focused on the near, rather than the far---any special reason? ---Charley( just purchased the same camera)
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    Phocus-Photoshop workflow

    I am new to Phocus--when I export files to either PS or Lightroom fromPhocus, the files have lost the adjustments I made in Phocus. I am using a Hass H4D-60, which neither Lightroom nor PS recognize, so I must convert them to DNG files first. Also, when exported to PS they seem to open in PS...
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    My H4D-60 arrived

    Woody---thanks for the insights on the 35--90----Charley
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    My H4D-60 arrived

    Woody-just picked up my H4D-60 in Manhatten yesterday.I was planning on ordering the HCD 35-90 zoom.You have described it favorably in your posts. The Hass catelogue describes it as "the highest performing zoom lens on the market today." After printing out the manual( for $40,000 for the body...
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    S2 Impressions: A year later.

    Marc-regarding your Camadapter hand strap on your H4D--I am picking up a Hass H4D-60 today,and would be interested in the specific model hand strap you use--Thanks----Charley
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    Phase 65+ and H4D-60 - uncropped print size?

    Ebe---thanks for the info ---Charley