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    Leica M lens pricing

    rayt, Thanks for information. Paul
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    Leica M lens pricing

    Talking about prices... You might have noticed the sale of a black pre-asph 35mm 1.4 summilux Canada on ebay for US $5,812. Competitive bidding. Serial number 2290278. Is this real???
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    Is this allowed?

    got the same invitation. Paul
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    Hi Gary, Just saw your photos of the remains of a gold mine in Alaska. I have written a book on...

    Hi Gary, Just saw your photos of the remains of a gold mine in Alaska. I have written a book on the history of money which has chapters on the Gold Rushes and gold mines and mining. There are over 4000 images in the book. All the best, Paul Tawrell
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    Anyone heard how Sony plans the fix A1 when shooting in back lit conditions causing EVF/Eye sensor problem?

    Exactly what is the problem? I had with a A7. Paul.
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    Sony A7/A7r with old lenses

    Hi hakkalo Your posts on the Roeschlien-Kreuznach Pointar 45mm F2.8 lens tweaked my interest. The lens seems to be very sharp. From They mention that there were ... 42 Braun Paxette lenses "According to an article in Amateur...
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    More and more film fun with something other than a Leica M

    Thank you Chris for the beautiful images you have shown of your family over the years. Paul
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    The Definitive Sony B&W Images Thread

    Pegelli Interesting results from your idea of a “texture challenge”. It is hard to find a new perspective on things to photograph, at this time, and your “challenge” idea is a possible solution. Thanks, Paul
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    "Info” Photography

    I have been a member, since 2007, when the main topic of conversation was alternative lenses. Especially, after Guy Mancuso posted his photo of the inside of an airplane’s cockpit taken with the legendary Zeiss 21 mm. Before dedicated lenses were available, for mirrorless cameras, I used lenses...
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    Sony A7/A7r with old lenses

    Arri, Thank you for the interesting quartz lens post. The lens has a character of its own. You said that there is a single lens... Do you mean a single lens element? Has the lens been cut from a quartz crystal, moulded, or cut from a cast quartz piece? What is the diameter of the lens and does...
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    Fun with Nikon Images

    I thought that the Romans had plowed salt into the soil to stop the Carthaginians from growing wheat. Great photo, I have been proven wrong. Paul
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    Sony A7/A7r with old lenses

    Sergtum has the photo been taken with the Industar f4.5 210mm? Very interesting low contrast 3D effect. Thanks Paul
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    Sony A7/A7r with old lenses

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    Sony A7/A7r with old lenses

    Hakkalo, Thank you for your images using a true golden oldie... Paul
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    Agittis canyon & petroglyphs in cave of Orpheus Greece video with sony a7iii

    Thank, Makes one want to travel especially during these pandemic times. Paul
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    Landskrona festival memorable shots Enjoy, Paul
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    'This is me with my gun' Appalachian kids Enjoy Paul
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    Germany Between the Wars Enjoy Paul
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    Dorthea Lange Digital Archive

    sorry link for Lange is Enjoy Paul
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    Dorthea Lange Digital Archive

    Some more Lange BBC - Culture - Photos that ask what it means to be an American