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    FS: Leica Vario-Elmar-T 55-135 - LIKE NEW

    You can check my 100% feedback on Ebay under egrossman where I have been a member since 1999.
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    WTB: Leica CL (digital)

    I have a Vario-Elmar-T 55-135 in "Like New" condition for sale. I am in San Francisco.
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    FS: Leica Vario-Elmar-T 55-135 - LIKE NEW

    This lens has been used once and is indistinguishable from new. It comes with the hood and pouch in its original box. I purchased the lens from Leica dealer Ken Hansen last year. Still under warranty through June 2020. Price is $1300 including CONUS shipping.
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    Anyone Received an M10 Lately?

    I was on the wait list at Leica Store Miami for a black M10 well before the camera was even announced. I just received it this morning with a spare battery. Batteries are charging :) I previously owned a Chrome M240 (sold); I definitely wanted black and was prepared to patiently wait as long...
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    Fun with the Leica SL (digital)

    That's too funny. Rosie is 14 years old and in reality is a very sweet cat. Having said that, I would't want to be a rodent around her.
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    Fun with the Leica SL (digital)

    Thanks Jack! Rosie is an American Short Hair. The camera does loves her :)
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    Fun with the Leica SL (digital)

    Here's another sample of my muse, Rosie. This time with another Mandler lens, the 90mm Elmarit on the SL.
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    Fun with the Leica SL (digital)

    Compulsory cat picture taken with my favorite lens, the 75mm Summilux. I LOVE this lens on the SL. ]
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    Leica SL Custom buttons and Favorites Menu

    Now that I'm starting to get more familiar with this new camera, I'm curious how others have configured the custom buttons and favorites menu. Please share. Thanks.
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    SL shipping tomorrow in US

    I'm enjoying the camera very much as well. The only complaint is the rather "Apple-like" finish in terms of being manufactured of solid aluminum. The material is a little soft is subject to marring much more easily than other pro-class bodies it's competing against. In the long run it's a tool...
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    Fun with the Leica SL (digital)

    Hello Roger Yes, the instructor told me that Ben does in fact have a natural swing. Would you believe that this was only his 10th lesson or so? You are quite right that it's more of a frames per second advantage photographing a rapidly moving subject. The big difference in the SL over the M...
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    Fun with the Leica SL (digital)

    While all of the sample pictures are lovely, with respect, they all look like they could have been taken with an M. None demonstrate the particular benefits unique to the SL over either the S or the M: namely, its extremely fast (and accurate) focusing. The shot below is of my son, taken this...
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    Lightroom 6.3 is out

    According to Adobe's blog, it now has native support for the Leica SL.
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    50 Lux ASPH, 21/3.4 ASPH

    Menos it's a Leica thread protector ring and can be ordered through your dealer as a spare part. I ordered one from Dale Photo Digital and it was about $20. Erik
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    FS: Leica 90mm Elmarit-M

    Seem like a good deal. When I replaced the hood of my 50mm Summilux which was pretty beat up, Leica chaged me only $50 for the work.
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    Leica M9

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    FS: Luigi case and strap for M9/MM