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    Three Domke Bags $50 each

    I have three Domke's - all different. Domke Black F2 which looks very distressed but still in excellent physical condition. A very cool bag for the right shooter. $50 plus actual shipping. Black Domke sling bag that has never been used. $50 plus actual shipping Rugged waxwear F5XC. This...
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    Two Billingham bags

    I have two almost mint Billingham bags. Both of them come complete with Billingham shoulder straps. No soiling or marks. Slight scuff on bottom of Packington leather. Packington $190 plus actual shipping OBO Billingham 335 $190 plus actual shipping OBO
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    FS Arte di Mano Leica X / X1 / X2 case

    This is a perfect Arte di Mano case for a Leica X2 or X1. Cost over $300. Will sell shipped for $110.
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    FS LUMIX 20mm ASPH 1.7 lens in box $265

    100% mint condition Lumix G 20mm ASPH lens in the box with both caps. $265 shipped within the US. Send me your email if you want pix of the lens. Thanks
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    FS Sony Nex-5 body $250

    Camera is sold.
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    FS Sony Nex-5 body $250

    No love for a perfectly working Nex5?
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    WTB Sony FDA-EV1S Viewfinder for Nex5n

    I'm looking for an unloved FDA-EV1S electronic viewfinder for the Sony Nex-5n. Please send private message or email. Thanks
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    FS Sony Nex-5 body $250

    I have a very clean black Sony Nex-5 body. I recently bought the 5n so this one should go to a new home. It has very little use. The camera is in mint condition other than some superficial marks on the screen (only visible when the camera is turned off). Complete in the box with flash...
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    Sony Nex-5 body MINT $275

    This includes the Sony flash
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    Sony Nex-5 body MINT $275

    I just got a 5n so my mint black nex-5 is for sale. The body is in mint condition.. It has had a glass protector on the screen since new. Very lightly and seldom used. $275 plus shipping. I am Traut on eBay and all the forums. I am in Florida.
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    FS: Nice Nikon 5000ED scanner

    I have a very nice Nikon 5000ED scanner complete with the SA-21. The only issue with the unit is there are some small dents on the top of the case caused either from packing or something placed on the unit. Te scanner has been used very little. I am asking $1,850 plus ACTUAL shipping by money...
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    FS: Near Mint Leica M4-2 with new CLA

    Sold pending receipt of $$$
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    FS: Near Mint Leica M4-2 with new CLA

    This is a very nice, near mint Black Leica M4-2. The camera has just received a CLA by Y. Ye within the last two weeks. It is perfect mechanically, optically, and physically. REDUCED $750 shipped in the USA. Foreign at additional cost. Please PM or email me for some photos.
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    Beautiful Nikon F3HP $225

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    Beautiful Nikon F3HP $225

    $old. Thanks
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    FS Mint 28mm Contax G Biogon 2.8

    I have an extra Biogon 28mm Contax G lens. This lens looks in mint condition. It is sold with the rear cap. $395 plus actual shipping costs by your choice of carrier. This is an incredible lens on the new mirrorless cameras. I am using one on my Sony Nex. The best lens value you can find.
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    FS:used vintage black paint soft release button for Leica M4 M3 M2

    I thought I bought this in April?
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    Water bag for small Leica kit?

    Don't get Mad - Get Glad. Grab a couple plastic trash bags. Stick a camera in one and the whole case in a larger one.
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    FS: Domke F-5XZ Ruggedwear *SOLD*

    Re: FS: Domke F-5XZ Ruggedwear Message sent to buy
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    NEX-3 with Canon newFD 85mm f1.2

    Absolutely stunning photos. The models (2 and 4 legged) are gorgeous as well. Now my problem. I have a Nikon 85mm 1.4 (AF and the AIS). Do I need to invest in the Canon or will the Nikkor 85 1.4 do the job? Thanks